Professional Issues 2 (The Computing Profession)

  1. The nature of profession (4 common characteristics)
    • - substantial education and training required
    • - members of this profession control entry / decide on level of required level of education and training
    • - profession is organized into one or more professional bodies
    • - the profession lays down a standard of conduct / enforced through disciplinary procedures
  2. Professional Bodies
    • example: BCS
    • organization of people in the same profession with 4 main functions:
    • - establish code of conduct and related disciplinary procedures
    • - establish mechanisms for disseminating knowledge of good practice and new developments (e.g. through pblicatons, conferences & www)
    • - set standards of education and experience / level of entrance
    • - advise government and regulatory bodies about matters within its area of expertise
  3. Reservation of title and function
    • The use of the name of profession may be restricted to people appropriately qualified and possibly registered with the related professional body. (reservation of title)
    • The same principle applies to reservation of function, e.g. it is illegal to call yourrself a Vet if you aren't, but it is also illegal to do animal surgery if you are not.
  4. Software development as engineering (2 characteristics met)
    • - designing and building things that work properly / meeting requirements of functonality, performance and reliability
    • - process is completed within specified constarints of time and budget
  5. The status of engineers
    • US vs UK
    • no reservation of title, however chartered body: Engineering Council:
    • - maintains registers of chartered/incorporated engineers and engineering technicians
    • - maintains registers of approved programs of education
    • - licences approriate professional bodies
    • - represenative and advisor to government
  6. Chartered vs. Incorporated vs. Technician
    • - chartered engineer: bachelor followed by masters required + prof. experience (highest)
    • - incorporated engineer: appropriate 4 year academic program (e.g. bachelor) + prof. experience
    • - technician: lower level education required
  7. International Recognition of Engineering qualifications
    • Europe: FEANI
    • US/CA/NZ/AUS: Washington Accord
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Professional Issues 2 (The Computing Profession)
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