Sac Metro Oral Interview

  1. Vision Statement
    Working together to serve out community with honor, integrity and selfless devotion.
  2. Mission Statement
    To provide professional and compassionate protection, education and service to the community.
  3. Goals
    Service - We honor the public trust by exceeding expectations

    Culture - Provide a positive internal environment that promotes trust and commitment

    Financial Responsibility- Acting in the best interest of the public to provide transparent and responsible fiscal management.

    Organization Efficiency- Ensure efficient use of resources in order to maximize levels of service.

    Partnership- Faster collaborative relationships to enhance service
  4. Core Values
    Integrity- With honesty as your foundation we will always do what is right.

    Professionalism- A personal commitment to exceed expectations of out profession in our attitude, ability, and appearance.

    Teamwork- A partnership of coordination based on trust, empowerment support and communication.

    Service Before Self - recognizing and placing the needs of others before our own
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Sac Metro Oral Interview
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