Constitution Test

  1. Who is Governor?
    Pat Quinn
  2. Who is Lt. Governor?
    Sheila Simon
  3. Who is Secretary of State?
    Jesse White
  4. Who is attorney General?
    Lisa Madigan
  5. Who is Treasurer?
    Dan Rutherford
  6. Who is Comptroller?
    Judy Topinka
  7. Who is State Senator?
    Dave Syverson
  8. Who is the Sate of Representative?
    Joe Sosnowski
  9. What two officers run off the same ticket?
    Governor and Lt. Governor
  10. What is the title of the legislative branch of Illinois?
    Illinois General Assembly
  11. What two offices have different age requirements and term of office? And what are the requirements and terms?
    • State Senator, State Representative
    • 2-4-4 year, 2 years; both have to be 21 years old
  12. What year did Illinois become a state?
  13. How many constitutions has Illinois had?
  14. How old is the current constitution?
    43 years old (1970)
  15. Which Illinois Constitution dealt with the issue of slavery?
  16. Which Illinois Constitution set up the present structure of Illinois government?
  17. Which Illinois Constitution didn't give enough power to local governments?
  18. What was the major issue pushed by Mayor Daley of Chicago in the 1970 Illinois Constitution?
    Home rule for local government
  19. Which branch of the Illinois government lost power to the other branches with each new constitution?
    Legislative branch lost power to the other branches
  20. How are amendments to the Illinois Constitution proposed?
    A vote of 3/5 of each house of the legislature.
  21. Who ratifies amendments to the Illinois Constitution?
    By the people at an election
  22. What is the title of trial courts in the Illinois Court System called?
    Circuit Court
  23. What is the upper house of the legislature in Illinois called?
  24. What is the lower house of the legislative branch in Illinois called?
    Illinois General Assembly
  25. In Illinois how many members are their in each of the following?
    State Senate
    State House of Representatives
    State Supreme Court
    • 59
    • 118
    • 7
  26. In Illinois how are each of the following judges selected and how long is their term of office?
    Associate Justice
    Circuit Court Justice
    Appellate Court Justice
    Supreme Court Justice
    • They are appointed, 4 year
    • Elected by people of county, 6 year
    • District judges are elected by people, 10 yr.
    • Elected by district (3 are elected in the 1st district, other 4 in the other 4 districts), 10 yr.
  27. How many Appellate Courts are in Illinois?
  28. What are the 3 ways to change the Illinois Constitution?
    • Constitutional Convention to rewrite it
    • Amendments
    • Interpretation by courts
  29. What was significant about the court case Field vs. the People?
    Courts had the power of judicial review in a case involving removing the secretary from office
  30. How many members are on the Belvidere City Council and how long is the term?
    10 members, 4 years
  31. How many members are on the Boone County Board and how long are their term in office?
    12 members, 4 years
  32. Who is the current mayor of Belvidere?
    Mike Chamberlin
  33. What article of the U.S. Constitution describes the relationship between states and the national government?
    Article 4
  34. What is Amendatory Veto?
    Correct defects
  35. What is Item Veto?
    Vetoing items in a bill instead of the whole thing.
  36. What is bicameral?
    Two houses
  37. What is zoning?
    Designating land for local governments
  38. What is charter?
    Gives power to tax and spend to provide services to citizens
  39. What is the main duty of the Lt. Governor?
    Chair Commission
  40. What is property tax?
    Tax on property
  41. What is sales tax?
    taxes on goods and services
  42. What is income tax?
    Taxes on income
  43. What is license fees?
    Fee on a license
  44. Which tax do local governments use to generate most of their revenues?
    Income Tax
  45. What is the function of each of the following?
    Grand Jury
    Petit Jury
    • Hear evidence to determine if the defendant is innocent or guilty
    • Sits at civil and criminal trials
  46. How are most judges in state and local courts selected?
    Elected by voters
  47. What is the most common way the governor of a state uses their national guard?
    Weather emergency
  48. What is the organization of a Mayor-Council?
    Strong mayor with veto and appointment power
  49. What is the organization of a Council-Manager?
    Clean up corruption in government
  50. What is the organization of a commission?
    act as a city council
  51. Which of the organizations form of city government is most like state and national government?
    • Mayor-Council
    • appointment power and veto power
  52. What are the main problems of the commission form of government?
    it can lead it to focus on one are and not the whole city (empire building)
  53. What is the main weakness of the usual organization of county government?
    No executive
  54. What is a special district?
    Provide area with a specific service
  55. What are examples of a special district?
    Schools, fire department, sewer plant
  56. Which special district is the most common in the U.S.?
    Water plant
  57. County governments exist to help the administrative needs of the______, while city or municipal governments are there to provide _______.
    • State
    • Services
  58. What are the five levels of state court systems?
    • Justice of the Peace
    • Intermediate Courts
    • Trial Courts
    • Court of Appeals
    • State Supreme Court
  59. Which level of the court systems is more likely to be found in the states with small population?
    Justice of the Peace
  60. What 2 levels of court systems are found in states with large populations?
    • Intermediate Courts
    • Court of Appeals
  61. What 2 levels of court systems must be found in all 50 states?
    • Trial Courts
    • State Supreme Court
  62. Which level of court systems is being phased out?
    Justice of the Peace?
  63. Which constitution has supremacy over all other constitutions, laws and treaties?
    U.S. Constitution
  64. What is the fundamental law of each state?
    State Constitution
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