Redox reactions

  1. OIL RIG
    • Oxidation Is Loss
    • Reduction Is Gain
  2. Electrochemical Cell
    any device in which chemical energy can be converted to electrical energy or vice versa
  3. Voltaic Cell
    • Redox is spontaneous and exothermic
    • oxidation and reduction occur in 2 separate cells
    • Battery
  4. Electrolytic Cell
    • redox reaction is non spontaneous and endothermic
    • both oxidation and reduction in 1 cell
    • used for electrolytic reduction, electroplating
  5. Anode
    • oxidation
    • electrons are lost
    • Voltaic - negative
    • (VAN Voltaic Anode is Negative)
    • Electrolytic - positive
    • (APE - Anode Positive in ELectrolytic)
  6. Cathode
    • Reduction
    • Electrons gained
    • Voltaic - cathode is positive   
    • electrolytic - cathode is negative
  7. How Electroplating Works
    • Battery provides energy needed for nonspontaneous reaction.
    • When switch is closed, electrical energy will force oxidation and reduction reactions to occur.
    • At the Anode, Ag loses e- and becomes Ag+
    • At the cathode, Aggains e- and becomes Ag. The silver is coated onto the spoon.
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