Chapter 16 Section 5

  1. Why did Lee invade the north for a second time? (3)
    • -to gain foreign allies
    • -to break North's will to fight
    • -to raid for supplies
  2. How did the Battle of Gettysburg begin?
    southern soldiers went into town and found Union calvary
  3. Who lead North in Battle of Gettysburg?
    General Meade
  4. Who lead south in Battle of Gettysburg?
    General Lee
  5. What happened on the First day of Battle?
    -Confed. drove Union out of town, then they dug in on high ground and stopped attack
  6. What happened on Second day of battle?
    -Confed. attacked center and flank of Union line until General Chamberlin stopped the attack
  7. What happened on third day of battle?
    -Pickett's charge which was contradicted by Longstreet but Lee went with it anyway and failed
  8. What were the main ideas of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address? (3)
    • -identified purpose of war
    • -reminded people to finish fight/continue war
    • -reminded people of goals of U.S.
  9. What was the importance of the Wilderness Campaign?
    -showed that the south was not ready to give up the fight yet
  10. What was the importance of Sherman's march to the sea?
    -cost south important railroad link and its center of industry AND show that north was making progress in defeating south, while getting lincoln re-elected
  11. Who was the Northern Democrats candidate in Election of 1864?
    George McClellan
  12. What were the main ideas of Lincoln's 2nd Inaugural Address? (2)
    • -finish the war
    • -reunite/heal wounds to make peace between north and south
  13. Where did Lee surrender to Grant?
    Appomattox Courthouse
  14. What were the conditions set by Grant when Lee surrendered?
    -Lee and his men got to keep their horses, weapons, and food
  15. What was the total number of people killed in the war?
    620,000 people
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Chapter 16 Section 5
Chapter 16 Section 5