NA2-ICN and Radial NN lesion

  1. Define Intercostal Neuralgia
    Pain condition affecting the intercostal and subcostal NNs
  2. Causes of IC Neuralgia
    • Diabetes
    • Post Herpes Zoster
  3. Special Tests for IC Neuralgia
    • Observation
    • Chest Expansion
    • Modified Dural Slump
    • Jt mobes (AP glides @ SPs, TvP)
  4. Which NN roots form the Brachial Plexus?
    Formed by the union of Ventral Rami of C5 to C8 and the greater part of T1.
  5. Which NN root forms the Middle trunk of the Brachial Plexus?
  6. Which cord forms the radial NN?
    Posterior cord.
  7. Causes of Radial NN Lesion
    • Fractures (spiral groove, supracondylar, upper 1/3 of radius)
    • Dislocations (head of radius, humeroradial jt, radioulnar jt)
    • Post-surgical complication
    • Heavy metal poisoning
    • Compression (Axilla crutch, saturday night palsy, Supinator Syndrome)
  8. S&S of radial NN lesions
    • Wrist Drop
    • Sensory Dysfunction
  9. Area of isolated sensory supply for Radial NN
    Web space btw thumb and index finger
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NA2-ICN and Radial NN lesion
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