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  1. prehypertension
    120-139 / 80-89
  2. BP goal for most adults
    LT 140/90
  3. state 1 HTN
    140-159 / 90-99
  4. stage 2 HTN
    160+ / 100+
  5. what kinds of valve disorders produce crescendo-decrescendo murmurs?
    stenotic disorders like mitral stenosis with diastolic murmur and aortic stenosis with systolic murmur
  6. what murmur radiates to axillae
  7. murmur with opening snap at S1
    mitral stenosis
  8. murmur with midsystolic click followed by crescendo
  9. what is cause of most valvular changes in adults
    rheumatic fever
  10. MVP often found in patients with what deformities
    pectus excavatum or scoliosis
  11. why should high fluid intake be encouraged in pts with MVP
    b/c prolapse increases in intensity when circulating vol is low
  12. is CABG a risk factor for endocarditis
  13. S4 is often heard with what conditions
    ischemia and poorly controlled angina pectoris
  14. S4 is sx of diastolic or systolic dysfunction
  15. s3 is sx of diastolic or systolic dysfunction
  16. CK-MB peaks when after MI
    24-48 h
  17. CK-MB levels increase how soon after MI
  18. Troponin I and T increase how soon after MI
    rapdily within first 12h
  19. which is better for late detection of MI Troponins or CK-MB and why
    Troponins because they stay elevated for more than a week
  20. BP medications that should be given to pts with STEMI
    ACEI and beta blockers
  21. lab for CHF
  22. abd exam in pt with CHF
    "hepatomegaly, tenderness, hepatojugular reflex ; PMI shifted laterally"
  23. CXR in pt with CHF
    cardiomegaly ; pleural effusions and bilateral infiltrates
  24. meds often used in CHF
    "ACEI, ARBs, beta blockers, spironolactone, digoxin"
  25. def of orthostatic hypotension
    drop of 20mmHG SBP and/or 10mmHG DBP within 3 minutes of going from supine to standing
  26. most common cause of orthostatic hypotension
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