Word Smart 14

  1. Abstruse
    Hard to understand
  2. Antipathy
    Firm dislike; a dislike
  3. Bovine
    Cow related; cowlike
  4. Charlatan
    Fraud; quack; con man
  5. Chimera
    An illusion; a foolish fancy
  6. Cursory
    Hasty; superficial
  7. Despondent
    Extremely depressed; full of despair
  8. Dictum
    An authoritative saying; an adage; a maxim; a proverb
  9. Enfranchise
    To grant the privileges of citizenship, especially the right to vote
  10. Flout
    To disregard something out of disrespect
  11. Foible
    A minor character flaw
  12. Heresy
    Any belief that is strongly opposed to established beliefs
  13. Incantation
    A chant; the repetition of statements or phrases in a way reminiscent of a chant
  14. Indifferent
    Not caring one way or the other; apathetic; mediocre
  15. Legacy
    Something handed down from the past; a bequest
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