Truma & Postsurgical Findings

  1. List injuries caused by blunt trauma to the anterior segment
    Hyphema, Cataract, Subluxation of lens or IOL, Lens capsule rupture, corneoscleral rupture, cyclodialysis cleft
  2. List injuries caused by blunt trauma to the posterior segment
    Vitreous hemorrhage, PVD, Retinal tear, Retinal dialysis, Retinal detachment, Edema of the retinochoroid layer, Hemorrhagic choroidal detachment, Posterior scleral rupture, Avulsion of optic nerve
  3. List injuries to the Anterior segment due toAcute Penetrating Trauma
    Hyphema, Shallow anterior chamber, Iridodialysis, Cataract, Subluxation of the lens or IOL, Lens capsule rupture, Cyclitic membrane, Ciliary body detachment
  4. List injuries to the Posterior segment due to Acute Penetrating Trauma
    Vitreous hemorrhage, PVD, Hemorrhagic track through the vitreous, Incarceration of vitreous and/or retina, retinal detachment, Posterior scleral rupture, Hemorrhagic choroidal detachment, Scleral fold
  5. List Intraocular foreign bodies following penetrating trauma
    Metallic, Spherical, Glass, Organic material, Air bubbles
  6. List complications of Surgical trauma
    Endophthalmitis/uveitis, Expulsive hemorrhage, retianed lens material, dislocated IOL, Macular edema, Penetrating needle injuries of the eye, Sympathetic ophthalmia, Epithelial downgrowth and inclusion (implantaion) cyst
  7. List Postsurgical findings
    IOL, Scleral Buckle, Vitreous skirt/vitreous hemorrhage, Intraocular gas/air, Perflurocarbon, Intraocular silicone, Glaucoma‚Äźfiltering implant device, Ganciclovir implant
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