KS3 Year 8 Light

  1. What do we call the process where light changes direction when it moves from one medium to another (eg air to glass block)
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  2. What happens when light hits a black coloured object
    It is absorbed
  3. What happens when light hits a light coloured object
    It is reflected
  4. What evidence do we have that light travels in straight lines?
    We get shadows
  5. What is a shadow?
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    An area where no light has reached
  6. Name the colours of the rainbow in the correct order
    • Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet
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  7. When light reflects from a mirror, what do we know about the angle of incidence and the angle of reflection?
    They are the same

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  8. Some objects absorb light. What does this mean?
    The energy of the light is trapped by the object and the light ray stops
  9. Some objects transmit light. What does this mean?
    Light rays pass through the object
  10. If a red filter is placed in front of a white light what colour light is absorbed by the filter and what is transmitted?
    • White light contains all colours. The red light is transmitted and all other colours are absorbed.
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  11. Why does light get refracted when it travels through a glass block?
    Its speed changes
  12. Which colour is refracted the most?
    • Violet
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  13. What colour light do red objects reflect?
    • Red. All the rest are absorbed
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  14. What colour light do green objects absorb?
    • All colours except green
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  15. What do we call the process whereby light bounces off a surface?
    • Reflection
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  16. When light hits a block at an angle, some of it refracts but some does something else. What else does it do?
    • Reflect
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  17. What do we call the process whereby light energy is trapped by an object?
  18. What do we call the process whereby light energy passes through an object?
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