MIC 541-Exam 5-Virology 23

  1. What are the symptoms of Dengue fever?
    • Hemorrhagic shock syndrome
    • Breakbone fever
    • Extreme muscle and joint pain
  2. What is the worst outcome for Dengue fever?
    Can be fatal
  3. Is there a vaccine for Dengue fever?
    No, though one went to trial in 2010
  4. Is dengue fever usually a mild or severe infection?
  5. Describe the classification of retroviruses:
    • RNA virus
    • Enveloped
    • Single stranded genome
  6. What are retroviruses that cause human disease?
    • Human immunodeficiency virus
    • T-cell leukemia virus
  7. Why do Retroviruses evolve rapidly?
    High error rate of reverse transcription
  8. Describe the error rate between the different genomes in viruses?
    RT>RNA pol>DNA pol
  9. What is a hallmark activity of Retroviruses other than RT?
    Integration into host genome
  10. What is the significance of Retroviruses integration into the hosts genome?
    • Markers of evolution
    • Insertional activation of oncogenes
    • Have gene delivery vectors
  11. How do retroviruses activate oncogenes?
    Insertion into the hosts genome
  12. How do retroviruses insert into the host's genome?
    gene delivery vectors
  13. Where does reverse transcription occur with a retrovirus?
    In the cytoplasm
  14. Describe the replication process of Retroviruses:
    • RNA virus enters the cell
    • RT occurs in the cytoplasm
    • DNA genome inserts into hosts genome in the nucleus
    • Transcription of Viral genes in nucleus
    • Translation of viral proteins for capsule in ER
    • Packaging and Assembly of viral capsule in Golgi, which migrate to cell membrane and attach
    • Translation and assembly of viral contents in the cytoplasm
    • Viruses bud off
  15. When does HIV maturation occur?
    After budding off
  16. What is a major step in HIV-1 matuation?
    Protease cleaves polyproteins
  17. Why is it significant that a protease cleaves the polyprotein in HIV-1 maturation?
    Required for virulence
  18. When was AIDS nationally recognized?
  19. What virus did HIV-1 originate from?
    Chimpanzee virus
  20. HIV-2 origionated from what?
    Second species jump
  21. Where is HIV-2 found?
    West Africa
  22. What is HIV-2 like?
    Less pathogenic that HIV-1
  23. When was the first documented case of AIDS?
  24. Genetic studies suggest that the first AIDS jump occured in what time period?
    Early 1900s
  25. What is one of the most well studied viruses?
    • AIDS
    • What are the receptor proteins called on the outside of the HIV capsule?
    • GP-120 and GP-41
  26. What is the mediator for Reverse transcriptase in Retroviruses?
    RNA-dependant DNA polymerase
  27. What is the activity of RNA-dependant DNA polymerase?
    • Has RNase H activity
    • Coverts ssRNA to dsDNA
  28. At what point does RT occur?
    After the virus uncoats
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MIC 541-Exam 5-Virology 23
MIC 541-Exam 5-Virology 23