MIC 541-Exam 5-Virology 12

  1. What are recurrent bouts of HSV-2 triggered by?
    • menstruation
    • Stress
    • concurrent bacterial infection
  2. What HSV type can be triggered by menstruation?
  3. Where is Latency of HSV-2 imparted from?
    Sacral ganglia
  4. What are the symptoms of early Herpes genitalia?
    • Malaise
    • Anorexia
    • Fever
    • Bilateral swelling/tenderness in groin
  5. What are the eventual (not early) symptoms of HSV-2?
    • Cluster of sensitive vesicles on genitalia, perineum and buttocks
    • urethritis
    • painful urination
    • cervicitis
    • itching
    • vesicles ulcerate
  6. What type of herpes can be found in newborns?
    HSV-1 and II
  7. Is HSV in newborns a concern?
    Yes can be fatal to neonates or fetuses
  8. How can a neonate acquire HSV?
    • During birth
    • hand transmission after birth
  9. What areas of the body do neonates show HSV infections?
    • Mouth
    • Skin
    • Eyes
    • CNS
  10. How are HSV infections prevented in neonates?
    • preventative screening of pregnant women
    • C-section delivery if current out-break
  11. What type of HSV infection can be caused by both HSV-1 and 2?
    Herpetic Whitlow
  12. Where are the lesions of herpetic whitlow usually located?
  13. Describe the lesions of herpetic whitlow:
    • Skin penetrating
    • one finger
    • localized
    • extremely painful and itchy
  14. What is the most common sporadic form of viral encephalitis in the U.S.?
    HSV-1 encephalitis
  15. Is HSV-1 encephalitis common?
    No, rare
  16. People with underlying immunodeficiencies are prone to what type of HSV infection?
  17. What is a very severe form of Herpes that is acquired by immunodeficient patients?
  18. How is Herpes diagnosed?
    • Vesicle and exudates examination
    • Scrapings from base of lesions show Giant cells
    • Culture or specific tests for disseminated HSV
    • Direct fluorescent antibody tests
  19. What drugs are available for Herpes Simplex infections?
    • Acyclovir
    • Famciclovir/Penciclovir
    • Valacyclovir (L-valyl ester of acyclovir)
    • Topical Medications
  20. How is Acyclovir activated?
    By TK = thymidine kinase enzyme
  21. What is the action of Acyclovir?
    • Inhibits HSV viral polymerase
    • dGTP competitor
    • Causes DNA chain termination
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MIC 541-Exam 5-Virology 12
MIC 541-Exam 5-Virology 12