MIC 541-Exam 5-Virology 8

  1. What is the DNA viral group that infects humans?
    • Enveloped double stranded
    • Non-enveloped -single and double stranded
  2. What are the three main enveloped DNA viruses?
    • Pox virus
    • Herpes virus
    • Hepadnavirus
  3. What type of viruses are the Pox virus, Hepadnavirus and Herpes virus?
    Enveloped DNA viruses
  4. Describe the symptoms of Poxviruses:
    eruptive skin pustules (pox or pucks)
  5. What are the largest and most complex animal viruses?
  6. What type of human virus has the largest genome?
    Pox virus
  7. How do Poxviruses multiply?
    in the cytoplasm (factory areas)
  8. What cells do poxviruses have specificity for?
    cytoplasm of epidermal cells and subcutaneous tissue
  9. What type of virus has specificity for subcutaneous and epidermal tissues?
  10. What are the human poxvviruses?
    • Orthopoxvirus
    • Molluscipoxvirus
  11. What does Orthopoxvirus cause?
    Smallpox (Variola virus)
  12. What type of Poxvirus causes smallpox or Variola virus?
  13. What type of Pox virus is Molluscum contagiosum virus?
  14. Describe the structure of the pox virus from outer to inner:
    • Surface tubules
    • Envelope
    • Outer membrane
    • Lateral bodies
    • Core membrane
    • Nucleosome
  15. Where does maturation of the Poxvirus occur?
    In the cytoplasm
  16. Before uncoating, what molecules does the Poxvirus emit?
    early mRNA
  17. Why does the Poxvirus emit early mRNA molecules (prior to uncoating)?
    • They code for polymerases, transcription factors
    • Growth factors and immune response defense molecules
  18. What are the last three steps of Pox virus replication, prior to exiting the cell?
    • Maturation
    • Golgi Wrapping
    • Actin tail addition
  19. Where does Pox viral replication occur in the cell?
    In the cytoplasm
  20. What does small pox look like?
    Pustules all over the body
  21. What was the first disease to be eradicated by Vaccine?
    Small pox
  22. How are people exposed to smallpox?
    inhalation or skin contact
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MIC 541-Exam 5-Virology 8
MIC 541-Exam 5-Virology 8