Doctrine article 12

  1. The visible elements of the sacrament of the Lord's Supper are the _____ and the _____ of the _____.
    bread; fruit; vine
  2. The bread represents the broken ____of _____.
    body; Christ
  3. The wine represents the ____ of _____; it is shed as the seal of the _____.
    blood; Christ; new covenant
  4. The benefits of the Lord's Supper are received by _____.
  5. The Lord's Supper is a ____ of Christ's death and an anticipation of His ____.
    memorial; return
  6. The observance of the Lord's Supper is vital to ____ and spiritual _____.
    obedience; nurture
  7. The aim of the sacrament of the washing of the saints' feet is to represent continued ____ with _____, the believer's _____ by Christ, and the believer's _____to others in the body.
    union; Christ; purification; servanthood
  8. The element of water in foot washing represents the ____ of those who are in Christ.
  9. The act of washing feet represents believers' _____ to one another.
  10. The sacrament of foot-washing provides an instrument of grace for the perpetuation of spiritual ____ and the _____ of servants.
    purification; fellowship
  11. By its nature, the Lord's Supper is a meal and is, therefore, an appropriate symbol of ____.
  12. The act of pouring the wine depicts the _____ of Christ's blood.
  13. Christ designated the cup as the ____ in His blood.
    new testament
  14. Jesus emphasized the Lord's Supper as an act of ____.
  15. In John 13:15, 16, Jesus designated His act of washing the disciples' feet as an ____ t the believers.
  16. The continuance of the practice of the washing of the saints' feet in church practice is shown in _____.
    1 Timothy 5:10
  17. Christ gave the sacrament of foot-washing ____ significance.
  18. In John 13:10, Jesus showed that the cleansing of this sacrament is ____.
  19. Both the Lord's Supper and the washing of the saints' feet are ____ observances.
  20. The repetition of the Lord's Supper recognizes the constant need for _____ and the need for frequent reminders of Christ's ______.
    nourishment; return
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