RFC Service Guideline

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  1. Welcomeing

    • Within 45 seconds
    • Intorduce yourself
    • Place bev naps
    • ask questions (first visit, celebrating, where from)
    • Use Tri fold to suggest items
    • Suggest alcoholic and non alcoholic by name
  2. Delivering Beverages
    • Within 4-6 minutes (Bar drinks 6mins)
    • Serve all together
    • Deliver w/out auctioning 
    • Get app and entree order w/recommendations
    • Assure you're available for Q's
    • (If not ready to order return in 5mins)
  3. Delivering Food
    • Apps: within 12mins 
    • Entrees: within 16 mins (18-20 for well done)

    • Deliver w/out auctioning
    • Say name of item you're setting down
    • ALWAYS ask if there is anything else
    • (When delivering steak, ask to cut into it to make sure its prepared properly)
  4. Checking Back
    • 1st CB: Within 2bits/2mins
    • Ask specifics regarding meals
    • If you can get them anything

    • 2nd CB: 2/3 of the way
    • Mention couple deserts by name
    • PRE-BUS
    • Prepare check
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