1. What two technologies fueld the use of the Internet?
    HTML and Browsers
  2. What turns code into readable text and graphics?
  3. Name two commonly used internet Browsers?
    Internet Explorer/Mozilla Firefox/Safari/Opera
  4. What is an IP address?
    A series of four numbers serparated by periods used in Internet Protocol routing to identify a location of a device on a network.
  5. What is a domain name?
    Like a person's given name, its simply a plain language identifier for a website.

  6. The Internet
    in 1960 the Advanced Research Projects Agency (Arpanet) was created to facilitate information/communications between researchers in the Defense industry. From this, the internet evolved as multiple independent networks that are interconnected through of TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocal/Internet Protocol), which links dissimilar computers accross many kinds of networks.
  7. TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol)
    Links dissimilar computers across many networks, making it the glue that binds the internet.
  8. HTML (Hyper text markup language)
    HTML uses code to create web pages into readable text and graphics, making the content user friendly.
  9. Browsers
    Internet browser software allows users to navigate through from site to site without requiring complex code or programming knowledge.
  10. GUI (Graphic User Interface)
    Allow you to point and click icons to easily move through and manipulate pages, has made the internet very accessible.
  11. Website
    A website is a group of pages that have been developed together to present information or specific subjects.
  12. DNS (Domain Name Service)
    Combination of large data bases that reside on the internet, keeping track of domain names and their corresponding IP adresses.
  13. IP (Internet Protocol)
    IP address is composed of a series of four seperate numbers that are seperated by periods.

    For example:
  14. URL (Uniform Resource Locator)
    This allows you to go directly to specific information.

    For example: http://sales.cbeyond.net/forms.htm
  15. Hyperlinks
    Hyperlinks allow you to connect two internet resources via a simple word or phrase on which a user can click to start the connection.

    Hyperlinks are essentially a doorway between two websites or bits of information.
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