Doctrine Article 3

  1. Jesus Christ is the _____ Son of God.
  2. Christ is identical with the Father in _____, and all _______.
    glory, power; divine attributes
  3. When Christ became man, He did so without any change in His _____ nature.
  4. The ___ and ____ natures were united in one person, Jesus Christ.
    divine; human
  5. Jesus Christ possessed two ___ and is one ____.
    natures; Person
  6. As _____, Christ ministers by His Word and Spirit.
  7. As Piest, Christ offers ____ as sacrifice and makes ______.
    Himself; intercession
  8. As King, Christ _________ the Kingdom of God.
    calls, defends, protects and perfects
  9. The human nature of Christ came from ____.
    His mother
  10. The purity of Christ is attributable to His conception by the ______.
    Holy Spirit
  11. The human nature was necessary for Christ in order for Him to experience our ____; in order for Him to be _____; in order for Him to suffer the ____ of sin; in order for Him to fulfill ____; and in order for Him to serve as _____.
    infirmities; tempted; punishment; righteousness; High Priest
  12. The Redeemer must be God and man in order to serve as _____.
  13. Christ became representative of us as the _________.
    last man Adam
  14. Christ fulfilled the law in order to restore the ____ which Adam forfeited.
  15. The crucifixion of Christ was necessary in order to satisfy divine _____.
  16. According to Romans 4:23-25, Christ was delivered for our _____ and raised again for our ____.
    offenses; justification
  17. We are ___ to God by the death of His Son; we are ____ by His life.
    reconciled; saved
  18. By the ____ of one man, judgment came upon all men.
  19. By the ____ of one Man, Christ, the free gift of salvation came to all humankind.
  20. In 2 Corinthians 5:18, 19, the ministry of ____ is described.
  21. In order for the ministry of reconciliation to be fulfilled, it was necessary for ____ to be in Christ.
  22. God reconciled the world to Himself by not ___ their trespasses to them.
  23. According to 2 Corinthians 5:21, Christ was made ____ for us.
  24. In 2 Corinthians 5:21, it is declared that we are made the  ______ of God in Christ.
  25. According to Hebrews 2:16-18, Christ took on Himself the nature of the seed of ____.
  26. Christ becoming flesh was necessary for Him to become our ____.
    High Priest
  27. The emphasis on the literalness of Christ's death determines our understanding of His ____.
  28. The resurrected body of Christ was ______.
    literal, fleshly, and glorified
  29. In order to enter heaven, the body of Christ had become ______.
    immortal and glorious
  30. The resurrection is the Father's ____ of ____ upon Christ ___ and upon His ____.
    seal; approval; personally; life and death
  31. 1 Corinthians 15:3, 4 shows that the Old Testament had predicted the _____ of Christ.
    death, burial, and resurrection
  32. In 1 Timothy 3:16, the incarnation of Christ and His redemptive activity are called the _____ of _____.
    mystery; godliness
  33. The believer receives four benefits of the resurrection of Christ: his ____, his _________ over his enemies, and assurance of ____.
    justification; spiritual quickening; and victory; resurrection
  34. According to Ephesians 1:19-23, Christ's _____ demonstrate God's power in our salvation.
    resurrection and ascension
  35. As Prophet, Christ reveals the ____ of ___.
    will; God
  36. By inspiration, Christ has provided ____ for us.
  37. As Priest, Christ's purpose is to offer His blood for our _____.
  38. As eternal Priest, Christ makes ____ intercession for us.
  39. As King, Christ rules both in ______ and in the _____.
    His kingdom; world
  40. In Christ's rulership over the world, He is ____ and _____.
    Creator; Sustainer
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