Subway - Customer Service

  1. Proper Greeting
    (Greet Promptly - 3 Second Rule)

    "Hi, Welcome to Subway!"
  2. Rule of Thumb: 3 Second Acknowledgement
    • Customers must always be acknowledged promptly and greeted warmly immediately upon entering store (within 3 seconds).
    • A smile for every customer is a must!
    • A sense of Urgency to serve them is mandatory
  3. When customer reaches counter
    Something like:

    "What can I make for you?"
  4. Building the Sandwich
    • What kind of bread?
    • What kind of meat? (If customer doesn't specify specific sandwich)
    • Would you like Cheese? American, Pepper Jack, or Cheddar?
    • Would you like that heated or toasted?
  5. Veggie Counter
    • Would you like fresh veggies? or What kind of vegetables would you like?
    • What kind of sauce?
    • All set? or Would you like anything else on it?
  6. Policy regarding "Add on Sales"
    • When ringing sales, it is mandatory to up sell/suggestive sell.
    • Always ask "Would you like a Value Meal?" or if they already specified the value meal, ask something like "Would you like a cookie?"
    • Remember to use "Xtra Pins" if extra cheese, bacon, or meat was ordered, to insure proper charges.
  7. Procedure for ringing up sales, to ensure proper payment and change?
    • 1. Tell Customer How Much They Owe
    • 2. Tell Customer How Much They Gave You
    • 3. Tell Customer How Much They Get Back
    • 4. Count Money Aloud as you Take it Out of the Till
    • 5. Count Money Aloud as you Hand it to the Customer

    • E.G.
    • "Your total is $5.66." "Out of $10" "$4.34 is your Change" "1, 2, 3, 4 dollars and 34 cents"
  8. Proper Farewell
    • A farewell must be given to each customer. 
    • Every farewell must include a "thank you" 
    • Farewells must be sincere, non-robotic, given cheerfully, and with eye contact. 

    • Examples of Proper Farewells
    • "Thank you, have a great day!"
    • "Thank you, have a nice evening!"
    • "Thank you, enjoy your subs!" etc...
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Subway - Customer Service
Subway - Customer Service