Doctrine Article 2

  1. God is one _____ being.
    indivisible, personal
  2. The essential nature of God may be identified by the _____ attributes.
  3. The incommunicable attributes are His _______
    self-existence, unchangeableness, and infinity
  4. The personal nature of God may be identified by His _____ attributes.
  5. These communicable attributes are God's _____ nature, His ____ nature, and His ______ nature.
    intellectual; volitional; moral
  6. The distinction of the ______ is that He had begotten the Son from eternity.
  7. The distinction of the ______ is that He had been begotten by the Father from eternity.
  8. The distinction of the _____ is that He proceeds from the Father and the Son from eternity.
    Holy Spirit
  9. The qualities of ______ belong to each of the persons of the Trinity.
    divine nature
  10. In describing the deity of the Trinity, we refer to each person as _____.
    infinite, eternal and unchangeable
  11. The persons of the Trinity are the same in ____ and equal in ____, _____, and honor.
    substance; power; glory
  12. The earliest indications of the doctrine of the Trinity appear in the ________.
    Old Testament
  13. The term "Trinity" emphasizes the two facets of this doctrine; they are the doctrine of _____ and the doctrine of ________ of God.
    unity; tri-personalness
  14. Deuteronomy 6:4 emphasizes the ____ of God.
  15. In ____, Solomon spoke of Jehovah as the only God.
    1 Kings 8:60
  16. In 1 Corinthians 8:6, Paul spoke of one ____ and one ______.
    God the Father; Lord Jesus Christ
  17. In 1 Timothy 2:5, the oneness of God is based on the fact that there is but one ____.
  18. According to James 2:19, even the devils believe that there is ______.
    one God
  19. In Genesis 1:1, the word _____ implies the doctrine of the Trinity.
  20. God recognized the plurality in the Godhead by His use of the pronouns ___ and ___ in Genesis 1:26.
    us; our
  21. In Genesis 11:7, the pronoun "us" is fulfilled in the word ____.
  22. The use of the pronoun "us" is a communion of the  ______.
  23. In Hebrews 1:8, God the Father addresses the Son as _____.
  24. Isaiah 48:16 recognizes the work of both ____ and ______.
    God; His Spirit
  25. According to Romans 8:27, the _____ knows the will of God.
  26. In the formula of _____, we worship God the Father, God the Son,  and God the Holy Spirit.
  27. In 2 Corinthians 13:14, we worship God in ____ and in ____.
    Trinity; unity
  28. We worship the ____ as the Source of all goodness ad love.
  29. We worship the _____ as essential to divine blessing and fellowship.
  30. We worship the ____ as the Dispenser of grace.
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