fever in neonate and young infant

  1. What are signs of a toxic appearing infant?
    • irritability
    • inconsolability
    • poor perfusion
    • poor tone
    • decreased activity/lethargy
  2. What are some signs of bacterial meningitis in the neonate or young infant?
    • clues are subtle for meningitis
    • altered sleep patterns
    • decreased oral intake
    • hyper/hypothermia
    • paradoxical irritability (more irritable being held than lying down)
    • bulging fontanelles
  3. When to get chest radiograph in fever workup?
    When patients has at least one sign of pulmonary disease
  4. What tests to order with neonates with fever?
    • blood cultures
    • urine cultures
    • CSF cultures
  5. What are signs of Disseminated Herpes Infection?
    • mucocutaneous vesicles
    • seizures
    • CSF pleiocytosis
    • elevated liver enzymes
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fever in neonate and young infant
Evaluation and management of fever in neonate and young infant