MIC 541-Exam 5-Mycology 8

  1. What group does not usually contract Aspergillus?
  2. What is the pathology of Aspergillus in the host?
    • Spores germinate
    • Hyphae invade tissues
  3. Do AIDS patients tend to get aspergillus infections?
  4. What are the types of Aspergillus infections?
    • Cutaneous
    • Aspergilloma
    • Disseminated
  5. Where is cutaneous Aspergillosis usually found?
    • Catheter sites
    • Wounds
  6. What type of Aspergillus infection is found at catheter sites or wounds?
  7. What is a fungal ball?
    non-invasive Aspergilloma or aspergillus hyphal growth in sinuses, lungs and eye
  8. What is the term for a non-invasive Aspergillus hyphae growth in the eye, lungs and sinuses?
    • Fungal Ball
    • Aspergilloma
  9. How is Aspergilloma treated?
    Surgically removed
  10. Describe the pathology of disseminated aspergillus infections:
    Invasive hyphal growth
  11. What is the success rate for disseminated Aspergillus infections?
    Rarely successful
  12. What is the treatment for Disseminated Aspergillus infections?
    • Amphotericin B
    • Posaconazole
    • Echinocandin
  13. What disease would you treat with Posoconazole, Echinocandin and Amphotericin B?
    Disseminated Aspergillus
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MIC 541-Exam 5-Mycology 8
MIC 541-Exam 5-Mycology 8