Chpt. 16 Section 1

  1. federal post in Charleston, SC, that surrendered to the Confederacy
    Fort Sumter
  2. How did Lincoln react to the fall of Fort Sumter?
    called for 75,00 men to put down south's rebellion
  3. four slave states-Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri-that bordered the North
    Border States
  4. What were the North's advantages at the start of the war?
    • -bigger population for soldiers
    • -better supplied army/navy
    • -stronger economy
    • -strong military leaders
  5. What was the north's motivation in the war?
    to preserve the Union and democracy
  6. What was the North's strategy? (3)
    • -Anaconda Plan
    • -attack south's armies in East
    • -keep border states in Union
  7. What was the Anaconda Plan?
    blockading southern ports to destroy south's economy and control MS River to divide South
  8. Why did the North want the border states?
    b/c they had people, slaves, crops, natural resources, and waterways that could help with the war effort
  9. What were the South's advantages at the start of the war?
    • -strong military
    • -superior leaders
    • -farms provided food for armies
    • -new the land
    • -didn't have to travel far to fight
  10. What was the souths's motivation for war?
    to keep their way of life and to defend land/gain independence
  11. What did Lincoln do to keep border states? (2)
    • -sent rep. officials to "supervise" elections to make sure that Rep. Candidates won/border states stayed in Union
    • -Jailed leading political opponents who challenged his authority
  12. What was the south's strategy? (2)
    -Don't Lose- fight a defensice war and not be conquored

    -Cotton Diplomacy- use King Cotton to gain foreign allies and trade for war supplies
  13. Why did Cotton Diplomacy fail?
    b/c in 1860 the south had an amazing crop and they over-supplied Europe to where they didn't need any cotton for 3 years
  14. Explain how the majority of Civil War soldiers were?
    • -young farmers that were poor
    • -very few immigrants and some Afr. Americans
  15. -planned the North's strategy for war
    Winfield Scott
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