Psy chapter 14

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  1. ______ is one of the most powerful contexts in which judgments of normality and abnormality are made.
  2. The three major factors in determining psychological disorders include _____, _______, and interference with normal life activities.
    Intensity, duration
  3. A major difference between psychotic disorders and milder problems like anxiety disorder is that in psychosis the individual has lost contact with reality as shown by the presence of ______ or _______.
    hallucinations or delusions
  4. Insanity is a major psychological problem listed in the DSM. 
    True or False
    False : Insanity is a legal term
  5. A person who intensely fears eating or speaking in public suffers from ________.
    Social phobia.
  6. "Checkers" and "cleaners" suffer from _______ disorder.
    OCD: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  7. Multiple identity, amnesia, and fugues are features related to a ______ disorder.
  8. WHen a person wrongly believes that their body is "rotting away", even though physical exams have disproved it, they are suffering from a _______.
  9. WHen a person suffering from a psychotic break hears voices that are not real this symptom is called a _______.
  10. A psychosis caused by lead poisoning would be regarded as an ______ disorder.
  11. Environmental triggers of schizophrenia featured as emotional trauma and disturbed family relationships will only induce this disorder if a person also has the _______ factors for schizophrenia.
  12. Major mood disorders, especially _____ disorders, appear to be endogenous (produced from within by chemical imbalances instead of developmental reactions).
  13. Learned helplessness is emphasized by ______ theories of depression.
  14. Only ___ to ___ percent of suicide cases involve people who really want to die.
    3 to 5 percent
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