1. Red OIL PX annunciator - PCL above idle
    Oil Px below 40 psi
  2. Red OIL PX annunciator - PCL idle
    Oil Px below 15 psi
  3. Amber OIL PX annunciator - PCL above idle
    Oil Px between 40 and 90 psi
  4. Amber OIL PX annunciator - PCL idle
    Oil Px between 15 and 40 psi
  5. Red OIL PX + Amber OIL PX annunciators
    Oil Px between 15 and 40 psi for 5 or more seconds
  6. Amber PMU Status annunciator in flight
    • Fault of or mismatch between weight-on-wheels switches
    • PMU will not revert to ground after landing
  7. Amber PMU Status annunciator 1 min after landing
    Fault conditions encountered in flight but not serious enough to revert system to manual
  8. Red PMU FAIL + Amber PMU STATUS annunciators
    • PMU is in manual mode
    • faults prevent PMU from setting requested power or respecting engine limits
    • or pilot switches PMU off
  9. Amber FUEL BAL annunciator
    • Imbalance exceeds 30 lbs for 2 minutes or fuel probe fail
    • Auto fuel-bal system shut off
    • Remains lit until system reset
  10. Green M FUEL BAL annunciator
    Fuel balance switch in MAN/RESET position
  11. Red FUEL PX annunciator
    Less than 10 psi
  12. Green BOOST PUMP annunciator
    • Starter activation regardless of fuel px
    • Boost pump switch ON
    • automatically by low-pressure switch if PCL above IDLE
  13. Amber L/R FUEL LO annunciators
    Fuel below 110 lbs in respective tank, as measured by optical sensors (independent of fuel probes)
  14. Amber BUS TIE annunciator
    • Bus tie fail or Bus tie switch OPEN
    • separate battery and generator buses
  15. Red BAT BUS annunciator
    • Battery or battery bus fail
    • combined with BUS TIE annunciator items on bat bus will not be powered
  16. Amber HYDR FL LO annunciator
    Hydraulic fluid reservoir below 1 qt
  17. Amber EHYD PX LO annunciator
    Emergency hydraulic accumulator px below 2400 +/- 150 psi
  18. Green TRIM OFF annunciator
    Trim disconnect switch actuated
  19. Green TAD OFF annunciator
    • Trim disconnect switch actuated
    • TAD switch set to OFF
  20. Amber TAD FAIL annunciator
    TAD system fail
  21. Green ANTI ICE annunciator
    Probes Anti-ice switch on
  22. Red CANOPY annunciator
    Canopy not closed and latched
  23. Amber DUCT TEMP annunciator
    Bleed air temp exceeds 300F
  24. Amber CKPT ALT annunciator
    Cockpit pressure altitude rises above 19,000' PA
  25. Red CKPT PX annunciator
    Cockpit differential pressure exceeds 3.9 to 4.0 psi
  26. Green FDR MAINT annunciator
    IDARS memory 80% full
  27. Red OBOGS FAIL annunciator
    • Low bleed air pressure upstream from concentrator
    • failure detected by OBOGS BIT
  28. Amber OBOGS TEMP annunciator
    OBOGS temp exceeds 200F
  29. OBOGS FAIL annunciator extinguishes during BIT
    Less than 2 minutes
  30. Green IGN SEL annunciator
    Ignition switch on or igniters activated during auto start
  31. Red CHIP annunciator
    • Ferrous material in oil
    • detected in reduction gearbox
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T6 dash 1 annunciators