pedi death/dying

  1. Death & dying


    if have dying kid important not left alone

    too little to understand

    • only worried of separtion of loved ones
    • don't understand perminance
  2. Death & dying

    6-7 yr

    think of death like preschooler

    • 8-9-- start to grasp concept of death
    • now it is perminant think they can protect selves frm death
    • accept death as universal
  3. Death & dying
    • can focus on own death
    • become sad b/c
    • apprehensive of what will happen to family & how they'll manage w/o them
  4. Death & dying adolescent
    • feel imortal
    • amzed when someone in age group dyes
  5. Death & dying
    • even young kids can tell when dying
    • can sense something wrong
    • start to loose LOC

    • as death approaches temp starts to rise
    • oblive to room temp
    • can become restless
    •   - followed by peace & calm
    •     (often) at this time know death is very near
  6. Death & dying nurse care
    • assess needs
    • if not i dying process need deversional activity
    • ease anxiety as much as possible
    • assist family w/ coping
    •   allow family to spend some time w/ pt after death
    • rmbr  fam & kids have anticipitory brthning
  7. when most congen cardiac defect show
    w/in 1st mo
  8. cyonotic congen birth defect
    most evedent when ductus arteriosis starts to close
  9. when hold off linoxin/digoxin
    • newborn <100bpm
    • child <70 bpm
  10. iron deficeincy anemia cause-
    iron poor diet  get too much milk , nut imited
  11. Sickle cell anemia
    • dev severe pain @ clumping of blood cells
    • norm Hgb replaced by HGB S
    •    -- can be partial or total
  12. sickle cell trait
    • only produce s/s in extreme stress
    • both norm & S hgb are high
  13. aplastic crisis
    • bone marrow stops produceing RBC
    • look for severe anemia
  14. cooly's anemia
    • characteristicly large head larger than rest of body
    • delayed puberty
    • hyperplasia of upper jaw

    emphasisze importance of f/u care
  15. pyloric stinosis s/s
    • projectile vomit w/ blood streaked mucus
    • gelatinous light w/ dark red i colar feces

    after feeding put on R side
  16. fluid balance
    • extracellular fluid easier to replace
    • severe dehyd can occur w/ i 1 hr
  17. dehydration types
    • hypotonic --low sodium
    • hypertonic--too much sodium
    • isotonic
  18. asthema s/s
    • tripod position-lungs hurt trying to breath
    • high pulse/resp
    • asthma shiner
  19. asthma meds
    • bronco dilaters
    • steroids
    • epinephrine-acute attack Rx of choice

    s/e of broncho dilators-hr up to 240, tremor

    • Tx
    •   nebu 1st then chest pt
  20. compound Fx
    skin broken bone protruding
  21. Tx of break
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