patho quiz 2

  1. which of the following blood types is acceptable for an A, Rh- individual
  2. two ways in which mitosis and meiosis are different
    mitosis- diploid , 1 phast

    meiosis- haploid , 2 phases
  3. what is the result of lactic acidosis occurring in the brain?
    protein denaturing
  4. hyperplasia woul occur in
    the pregnant females breast
  5. he does not have hemophilia, which is sex linked and recessive. she does not also, but her father dies of the disease in 2006. what are chances of them having normal appearing children?
    • 50% for males
    • 100% for females
  6. a karyotype shows 2 X chromosomes and one Y. provide me one visual appearance Id expect to see in the individual as an adult
    • small testes
    • tall
    • long arms and legs
    • low muscle tone
    • develop breast tissue
  7. you would see metaplasia in
    simple squamous cells replace ciliated epithelia in smokers trachea
  8. cell self destruction or apoptosis, according to this weeks article, is a function of this
  9. give me a clinical example where atrophy occurs
    anywhere muscles arent being used (like in a cast)
  10. what are the 4 major tissue categories and give examples of each
    • 1. muscle- skeletal muscle
    • 2. nerve tissue- brain, spinal chord, nerves
    • 3. epithelial tissue- skin, stomach lining
    • 4. connective tissue- ligaments, tendons, cartilage, bone, blood, fibers
  11. whese cells would be haploid
  12. cells are placed in a hypotonic solution of 100% distilled water. they will
    expand and rupture
  13. explain why a blood type AB,Rh+ individual would be a universal recipient of blood
    because they dont have antibodies on the surface
  14. how many barr bodies are present in the nuclei of a normal female?
  15. how many barr bodies are present in the nuclei of a turners syndrome female
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