Math Formulas for NUR 102

  1. calculate remaining infusion time
    • put volume in mls (i.e. 1000 mls)
    • over mls per hour remaining
    • (ex 125mls/hr) 

    • 1000mls 
    • 125mls/hr

    ans (8 hours)
  2. calculate gtts per min
    • take volume (how many mls in bag i.e. 1000) and break down into mls/hour (need to know how many hours for infusion to do so, we will assume 8 hours) 1000/8 = 125mls/hr
    • so 125mls goes on top and 60 (time in mins) goes on bottom
    • multiply that by gtt factor on top
    • then divide by time on math short cut if applicable

    • infusion rate*gtt factor      
    •        time in mins

    • 125mls*15 gtt/ml 
    •       60 mins

    ans 31.25
  3. IV flow rate (infusion rate) mls per hour
    • put amount of solution on top
    • (i.e. 1 liter=1000mls)
    • put time on bottom (i.e. 8 hours)

    • 1000mls
    • 8hours

    ( ans 125 mls/hour)
  4. how many mls in a tsp
  5. how many teaspoons are in a tablespoon
    3tsp in 1 tbsp
  6. how many mls in an oz
    30mls in 1 oz
  7. how many mls in a tablespoon
    15 mls in 1tbsp
  8. how to set up med conversion desired over have method if you have to convert grams to to grams etc
    do 3 part square method
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