Final Review

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  1. A master cleaning schedule should be reviewed for updates

    A. with every change in procedure/equipment
    B. before the regulatory authority visits the foodservice operation
    C. after a complaint against the foodservice is made
    D. with each change in management
  2. Which is an incorrect food storage step?

    A. A foodhandler monitors the temperature of a freezer unit with a calibrated thermometer
    B. The owner/operator schedules the freezer to be defrosted regularily
    C. The foodhandler inspects food & placed it in the freezer right away
    D. The owner/operator maintains the freezer temperature at 32°F
  3. What should the manager do when the state adopts the latest FDA Food Code?

    A. Apply for a new food licence & recertify all managers and foodhandlers
    B. Close the operation until full compliance and traning is completed
    C. Continue operating the same way and slowely incorporate the new code
    D. Update the standard operating procedures & provide training
  4. A customer with food allergies has ordered a food entree and ask that it be prepared without an ingredient. What would be a best practice?

    A. Clean & sanitize all surfaces before preparing the entree.
    B. Watch the customer and keep first aid equipment handy
    C. Remove the ingredient after cooking
    D. Use less of that ingredient
  5. What should be the temperature of the washing compartment of a three-compartment sink

    A. 110°F
    B. 100°F
    C. 41°F
    D. 70°F
  6. Purchasing fish from an approved, reputable distributor
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