William Faulkner Author Notes

  1. Born on:
    September 25, 1987
  2. Where was William Faulkner born at?
    New Albany
  3. What was the nanny's name that he had a close relationship with?
    Mamie Callie
  4. Who encouraged William to read and write?
    Will's friend Phil Stone (he was a lawyer)
  5. Who was William's longtime friend?
    Estelle Oldham
  6. What happened when Estelle married her first husband?
    Will started drinking
  7. What did William join up in Canada?
    The Royal Air Force (4 months later the war ended and he never got a chance to fly)
  8. When Estelle came to visit Will, what did he present her with?
    A collection of poems that he called "A Vision of Spring"
  9. What were 2 jobs that William held at the University? Why did he quit them?
    • -Postmaster and Scoutmaster (Boy Scout Leader)
    • -Alcohol forced him to quit
  10. What did William publish his first few poems in?
    "The Marble Fawn"
  11. William lived in New Orleans for 6 months where he met __________ _________, who helped guide him.
    Sherwood Anderson
  12. In New Orleans, William published some work in ...
    "The Double Dealer"
  13. William sailed to Europe with ________ ________.
    William Spratley
  14. What was the name of his first published novel?
    "Soldier's Pay"
  15. Who were the three people that influenced his writing?
    Ezra Pound, T.S. Elliot, and James Joyce
  16. What were the three pieces that Will quickly wrote?
    Misquito, Flags in the Dust, and The Sound and the Fury
  17. Estelle and William married on...
    June 20th, 1929
  18. What was the name of William and Estelle's house?
    Rowan Oak
  19. What was William and Estelle's daughter's names?
    • Alabama (died days after birth)
    • Jill
  20. In 1949 he won the ...
    Nobel Peace Prize
  21. What was William's death date?
    July 6th, 1962
  22. What was Estelle's 1st husband's name?
    Cornell Franklin
  23. What were Estelle and Cornell's children's names?
    Victoria and Malcomb
  24. What happened in Estelle's first marriage?
    She became and Alcoholic and the marriage fell apart with affairs
  25. What did Estelle try to do on her honeymoon with Will?
    Commit Suicide
  26. Another name for William Clark Faulkner was...
    Old Colonel
  27. William Clark Faulker was William's ...
    Great Grandfather
  28. Where did Will first settle?
    Ripley, Mississippi
  29. Will formed ....
    his own regime in the Civil War
  30. He also fought in ...
    The Mexican War
  31. Will was ... (3 things)
    • -buisness man
    • -lawyer
    • -shareholder in railroads
  32. He involved himself in ______.
    • duels
    • (He killed 2 people and injured himself)
  33. He owned a newspaper and write fictional pieces such as...
    "The White Rose of Memphis"
  34. In his first marriage, he had
    John W.T. Faulkner (Will's grandfather)
  35. Will's second marriage he had ___ kids
  36. John W.T. Faulkner moved to ________, and built a house there that he named _____ ________.
    • -Oxford
    • -Big Place
  37. John W.T. Faulkner owned a _______ and was a _______ ________.
    • -bank
    • -state senator
  38. John W.T. Faulkner sold...
    the railroad when he lost interest
  39. He was a role model for William
    John W.T. Faulkner
  40. Treasurer for railway
    Murray Cuthburt Faulkner
  41. Murray Cuthburt Faulkner moved to _____ _________ once he got married
    New Albany
  42. Murray Cuthburt Faulkner lost his ________ ___ in 1902 and moved his family to _____ _________
    • -railroad job
    • -Big Place
  43. Murray Cuthburt Faulkner was an
  44. Murray Cuthburt Faulkner became a __________ _________ and eventually a ___________.
    • -Business administrater
    • -Secretary
    • (Both at Ole' Miss)
  45. Maude Butler met Murray Cuthburt Faulkner through...
    his sister, they were friends
  46. Maude Butler was raised in ...
    poverty from her mom when her dad left them.
  47. Maude Butler was ...
    college educated and very artistic
  48. Maude Butler refused to move to _________ when Murray Cuthburt Faulkner lost his job.
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