Newborn Infant

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  1. Danger signs to be seen at the time of discharge and explained to the parents to bring baby immediately
    7 signs

    • Poor feeding
    • Fever or low body temperature
    • Lethargy or less movement
    • Yellowish discoloration of legs and hands
    • Fit(s)
    • Fast breathing
    • Excessive crying
  2. Neonatal period
    From birth to under four weeks (<28 days)
  3. Post-neonatal period
    28 days to <365 days
  4. Perinatal period
    20th week of gestation (or weighing 500 g or more at birth) to less than 7 days of life
  5. Live birth
    • After separation from mother, shows evidence of life such as
    • Breathing
    • Heartbeat
    • Pulsation of umbilical cord
    • Definite movement of the voluntary muscle
  6. Fetal death
    Doesn't show any evidence of life
  7. Still-birth
    Fetal death at gestational age of 20 weeks or more or weighing more than 500 g
  8. Term neonate
    37 to <42 weeks 
  9. Pre-term neonate
    Before 37 weeks
  10. Post-term neonate
    42 weeks or more
  11. Low birth weight (LBW)
    Very Low birth weight (VLBW)
    Extremely Low birth weight (ELBW)
    • LBW <2500 g
    • VLBW <1500 g
    • ELBW <1000 g
  12. Signs to evaluate for Resuscitation 
    • Three signs
    • Respiration
    • Heart rate
    • Color

    Low heart rate is the most important sign
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