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  1. How long ago did the Cenozoic begin?
    65 million years
  2. What three time periods are in the Cenozoic?
    • Paleogene
    • Neogene
    • Quaternary
  3. What happened with India during this time period?
    Broke away from Africa and moved very rapidly to slam into Asia.
  4. What happened when India collided with Asia?
    It through up the Himalyas and the tallest peak of Mt. Everest
  5. What happened with the Farallon Plate?
    The subduction of it shallowed and caused uplift and deformation across a very wide area.
  6. What did the uplift caused by the Farallon Plate do?
    It caused the Colorado River to continue to cut down into the Colorado Plateau causing the Grand Canyon
  7. Why is the Basin and Range area significant?
    It extends from Nevade to Mexico and shows stretching.  The stretching caused normal faults and horst and grobin scenery.
  8. What is the Rio Grande Rift?
    A continental rift where it is possible that the continent could split.
  9. What is the significance of the Pacific Plate?
    Followed the Farallon Plate and connects to North America along a transform fault known as the San Andreas fault.
  10. How long did the most recent Ice Age last?
    Began 2 million years ago and ended 10,000 years ago.
  11. How much of the earth was covered in ice?
    1/3 of the world and 2/3 of North America.
  12. What did the lowering sea level cause?
    Caused the berring land bridge which allowed humas to walk over to North America.
  13. How were the great lakes formed?
    The retreat of the glaciers
  14. What does isostatic rebound refer to?
    The northern parts of the continents had over a mile thick glaciers on top of them pushing them down.  Isostatic rebound refers to the melting of those glaciers causing the continents to comeback up.
  15. What was the dominant species on the planet before mammals?
    Giant flightless birds
  16. What determines a primate?
    An opposable thumb
  17. Why did primates need the adaptation?
    Because in the trees the ability to grip was very important.
  18. How did hominids evolve?
    They evolved from primates that are bipedal.  They were pushed out of the forest and into grasslands where it became important to stand up to look over tall grass.
  19. What are the three forms of mammals?
    • Monotremes
    • Marsupials
    • Placentals
  20. Why were the giant flightless birds outcompeted?
    mammals were more sociable and would form packs so the birds were eventually killed off.
  21. What is one living example of a monotreme?
    Duckbilled platypus
  22. How long ago did primates evolve?
    50 million years ago
  23. When did hominids evolve?
    7 million years ago
  24. What did the monotremes evolve into?
    Marsupials and placentals
  25. Why are there only marsupials mainly in Austrailia?
    The Placental mammals followed them and chased them out of habitat after habitat until they eventually got to austrailia which luckily broke off of antarctica saving the marsupials.
  26. How long ago did australopithecus evolve?
    4 million years ago
  27. How long ago did Homo evolve?
    2.5 million years ago
  28. What is the biggest difference between Austalopithecus and homo?
    Brain size
  29. Which humanoid species were the first to spread out of africa?
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