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  1. The two driving energy forces for the Tectonic System include gravity and ...
    Mostly radioactive heat from the Earth's interior.
  2. The two chemical elements that make up 75% of Earth's rocky mass include oxygen and ___. In fact most of the Earth's plus 4,000 minerals include these two elements.
  3. We discussed estuaries and discovered that we have local estuary examples that include___.
    Copano Bay.
  4. Describe the affects of a rising sea level on a passive margin coast like our local coast line, which is tectonically different than a convergent coast:
    Expect major seawater flooding along the most of our low-lying coast.
  5. While walking on the beach during Spring Break a friend ask if you have any potable water. Of course you know the potable water is___.
    Water deemed fit by some agency for human use and consumption.
  6. You bought a farm with the anticipation that your property has and artesian aquifer. You contracted a driller to drill a well to a particular aquifer and found water. But the water did not flow out of the well onto the the ground without a pump. Can this intersected aquifer really bean artesian well.
    Ye. The water needs only to rise in the pipe above the drilled aquifer surface to be an artesian well.
  7. Using the above sketch, the name for the surface which is the actual top of the groundwater in this aquier is called the ___.
    Water table.
  8. There are several types of river sediment load including dissolved load suspended load and bed load. We have learned that a river suspended load represents__.
    The marshy area beyond the natural levee.
  9. Last year there was a heavy, flooding rainfall along the Guadalupe River basin, limited to an area totally east of the Nueces Drainage Basin. The nearly full Choke Canyon Dam is part of the Nueces Drainage Basin. What eeffect will this described rainfall have on the lake levels at Choke Canyon and Lake Corpus Christi?
  10. According to our studies, true landslides involve ___.
    Debris flow movements.
  11. What conditions are necessary to create crevasses within glaciers?
    The glacier moving around a curve or going off onto a steep slope.
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