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  1. Parliamentary system ruled by a chancellor.
    What is another word for chancellor?
    – Prime minister.
  2. Germany fell behind on war reparations and France seized control of it’s rich coal mining lands of the
    Ruhr Valley.
  3. A charismatic, energetic rising leader rose in the scene promising to solve the economic problems and to restore Germany’s greatness.
    Adolf Hitler
  4. (My Struggle) – Hitler’s #1 selling book that outlined his political, cultural, economic, and military plans.
    Mein Kampf
  5. 1 = Holy Roman Empire, 2 =Bismark as Chancellor, 3 = Nazi Party which would rule for 1,000 yrs.
    Third Reich
  6. 1 party dictatorship
  7. Elite, black uniformed secret police that used fear and terror tactics to scare people into following Nazi policy.
  8. aws that took away the rights of German citizenship from the Jews.
    Nuremburg Laws
  9. “Kristallnacht”
    The Night of Broken Glass
  10. A Nazi inspired boys club similar to boy scouts where young German boys learned to hunt, fish, shoot, camp etc…oh an be brainwashed into little Nazi’s as well.
    Hitler Youth
  11. or giving in to the demands of an aggressor in order to keep the peace.
  12. opposition to all war spread throughout the world after WWI.
  13. U.S. law that forbade the sale of weapons to nations at war. Without aid from the U.S. England and France could not face Germany
    Neutrality Acts
  14. Axis Powers
    Germany, Italy, Japanese alliance that agreed to fight Soviet Communist expansion.
  15. Spanish revolutionary General who led a revolt that touched off a bloody civil war.
    Francisco Franco
  16. Lebensraum
    living space for Germans.
  17. Union of Germany and Austria that was outlawed by the Treaty of Versailles.
  18. German speaking portion of Czechoslovakia that was home to some 3 million Germans.
  19. Leaders from France, England, and Germany got together to discuss Hitler’s goals. England & France agreed to let Hitler take the Sudentenland after Hitler gave his word that it was the last demand that he would have.
    • Munich Pact
    • Munich Conference 1938
  20. Told the British Parliament that the ***** had saved Czechoslovakia.
    Munich Pact
  21. Non-aggression pact between Hitler and Stalin. Agreed to divide up Poland and not go to war.
    Nazi – Soviet Pact
  22. lightening war
  23. Invasion of England by Germany.
    Operation Sea Lion
  24. The *(german air force)* was never able to gain air superiority over the skies of England.
  25. Germany’s greatest WWII era General nicknamed “The Desert Fox”.
    Erwin Rommel
  26. Detention centers for Jews, political prisoners, and civilians thought to be enemies of the state
    Concentration Camps
  27. The massacre of nearly 6 million Jews by the Nazi’s.
  28. set of goals for the war (destroy the Nazi’s) and the postwar world.
    Atlantic Charter
  29. Allowed President Roosevelt to see arms to nation who he deemed their survival crucial to our Democratic way of life.
    Lend-Lease Act
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