1. Complete link 2.0 v. ABN 
    • o   Legacy SBC/ umbrella contract / bundle services (Centrex and PRI)/ services count towards MARC and NRC, but all count towards MARC and then discount. Only have it up to a MAD
    • o   ABN / Legacy T / Wireline and Wireless / Bundle services / one bill / MARC / services (BVoIP, MIS, Voice)
  2. How does wireline relate to our wireless services?
    o   b/c you still need wireline to make a wireless call (draw it out)
  3. MIS Basic v. MIS plus
    o   MIS Basic / unmanaged / customer provides equipment / maintenance relies on customer o   MIS Plus / managed / we provide equipment / we do the installation, monitoring, and maintaining o   **Benefit is that if you have an IT staff it frees up their time, no capital expenditure,
  4. How does a cell phone work?
    o   Draw it out
  5. Functions of Business Direct
    o   Customer can view, analyze, pay, dispute, and place simple orders, trouble tickets
  6. Office @ Hand and key system
    o   Virtual PBX, the benefits is that there is no equipment needed, auto attendant, 800 numbers, call forwarding, e-faxing, simultaneous ring, on hold music, call routing.
  7. Customer is looking at a Tier 3 provider, what do you tell them
    o   We own our own infrastructure (network), and other companies lease from us, so we guarantee our services.
  8. PBX on site what VOIP solution would you recommend?
    o   Provision IP Flex if the PBX is IP compatible, if not then they can lease it or buy it or go with VDNA
  9. DSL v MIS
    • o   MIS / dedicated / SLA / Speed / Up and Down / no body shares that connection o   DSL / more people the slower it is / other people can access it / great for basic internet searches
    • o   Benefits are that we guarantee the up and down speeds
  10. How to connect to Internet 
    o   Wifi / Myfi / Tethering / Laptop Connect Card
  11. International Calling (World Traveler, World Connect)
    • o   World traveler – feet outside the US, discounted rates, $5.99
    • o   World Connect – feet inside the US, discounted rates, $3.99
    • o   20 Meg for $24.99 for checking email.
  12. SLA’s
    • o   Is a measureable level of agreement between the service provider and the consumer
    • o   Credits / we offer credits if we don’t meet our agreement of down time
    • o   Latency / is the amount of delay you will experience which is .37ms
  13. MPLS vs Private Line
    • o   MPLS / technology we offer that allows you to connect multiple locations to a secure private network. In our network we carve out a pathway that is called tunneling and that’s how it travels across the network o   Private Line is a point to point connection
    • o   Benefits: §  MPLS is that it is scalable meaning it grows with your company / §  Private line is distance sensitive involving price / can not bond private lines
  14. IP Flex vs VDNA
    • o   IP Flex / is a BVoIP opportunity that allows you to run voice and data over a single connection, It is customer managed, where the customer host the PBX
    • o   VDNA is a BVoIP offering that is manage by AT&T in our network base services **Benefit is that VDNA provides no capital expenditure where IP Flex does.
  15. Funnel vs Forecasting
    • o   Forecasting is what you are predicting to close within the 30 days o   Funnel is where you are logging your opportunities. §  3x5x3 (30,60,90)
    • ·         Gives you the buffer room to close on sales b/c everything is not going to close that month so even if you hit 1/3 of the sales, you met your quota.
  16. MPLS Flavors
    • o   AVPN §  is our leading offering §  Domestic / international, Managed / Unmanaged, 6 CoS
    • o   EVPN §  Is being phased out §  Domestic/International, Managed only
    • o   PNT §  Domestic only, Managed / Unmanaged, 4 CoS
  17. Spectrum
    • o   Wireless Highway when a cell phone registers with a cell tower
    • o   LTE runs over 700 Mghtz
  18. How to explain WIIFM to CEO, CFO, COO, Sales Manager
    • a.       CEO: overall business management, increase bottom line and improve revenue stream
    • b.      CFO: financials, analytical approach, ROI
    • c.       COO: efficiency of business operations and simplifying processes
    • d.      Manager: how to increase workers’ productivity and concerned with sales teams #’s
  19. All for Less
    • a.       Small business package that offers local phone service, long distance and DSL. b.      Legacy B and S
    • c.       Standard and Premium Packages              
    •                                                  i.Standard includes Back Up & Go and Shared Web Hosting                                                              ii.      Premium includes Tech Support 360, Back Up & Go and Shared Web Hosting d.      Winback vs. New and Existing
  20. GSM vs. CDMA
    • a.       SIM Card
    • b.      Simultaneous Voice and Data
    • c.       88% vs. 11% of world
    • d.      Seamless fallback network
    • e.      Extensive product portfolio
    • f.        GSM--GPRS--EDGE---UMTS--HSDPA--HSPA 7.2---HSPA--LTE
    • g.       CDMA--1xRTT--EVDO--LTE
  21. Customer wants unlimited data
    • a.       Internal study where 98% of our customers don’t go over 2 GB of data
    • b.      Wi-Fi
  22. Dropped calls
    a.       20 billion spent over the last 2 years to develop LTE network and improve overall network infrastructure.                                                               i.      2 out of every 1,000 calls dropped in 2011

    b.      Mark the Spot
  23. Class of Service
    • a.       Prioritize services for business (voice, video, data, features, other)
    • b.      PNT is 4 CoS, AVPN is 6 CoS
  24. What is the Internet?
    a.       Global system of interconnected computers.  It serves billions of users from private, public, academic, business, and government to carry information.  It has no goverance.
  25. Tech 360
    a.       Own personal Geek Squad for Small Business

    • b.      24/7 tech support                                                               
    • i.      PC hardware                                                             
    • ii.      Software                                                            
    • iii.      Network                                                           
    • iv.      Peripheral devices
    • c.       No IT needed for small business                                                               
    • i.      Save money and time                                                          
    • ii.      Convenience
  26. Back Up & Go
    a.       Remote access to backed up files when you are away from the office or on the road – mobile access.
  27. What are the local access systems?
    Local access combo, Eagle, MIS pricing guide
  28. WAN connects
  29. Name 2 systems to find CSR's
    VIP and EBV
  30. Name 2 systems where you can find contract info (mobility)
    Docviewer and Ecats
  31. Not in eCRM
    billing adjustments
  32. 171
  33. 831
  34. Where can you view SLA's?
     at&t service guide
  35. What does the COR store get paid on?
    upgrades, features & accessories
  36. What are the AMB requirements?
    1 year, CRU, $30 MRC or higher
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