Human Body Final Study Guide

  1. Ulcer
    an eating or gnawing away of tissue
  2. Fissure
    crack-like sore or slit that extends through the epidermis into the dermis
  3. Vesicle
    small fluid filled sac; blister
  4. Papule
    solid circumscribed elevated area on the skin
  5. Macule
    discolored spot ono the skin
  6. Nodule
    larger papule; acne vulgaris
  7. Jaundice
    yellowing of the skin
  8. Cyanosis
    bluish skin
  9. What is another name for a bedsore?
    decubitus ulcer
  10. Psoriasis
    recurrent inflammation of kin causing characteristic lesions (plaques covered with silvery scales)

    idiopathic, genetic
  11. Impetigo
    common contagious bacterial skin infection accompanied by vesicular or pustule lesions that rupture and form thick yellow crusts

  12. Shingles
    viral infection along course of nerve that causes painful rash
  13. What are the functions of the skin?
    • protective covering of the body
    • most exposed system
    • system reflects its own health and health of other systems
    • easy to assess
  14. Sebaceous glands
    secrete sebum into hair follicles lubricate skin and hair
  15. Sudoriferous glands
    • secrete sweat through pores onto skin's surface
    • eccrine: widespread
    • apocrine: axilla and genitals
  16. Tinea capitis
    scalp; round, grey, scaly, lesions, pruritus, hair loss
  17. Tinea corporis
    body (ringworm); round, ringed lesions
  18. Tinea unguium
    nails; hypertrophic, thick, brittle nails
  19. Tinea pedis
    feet (athlete foot); raised, red, vesicular patches, pruritus
  20. Tinea cruris
    groin (jock itch); raised, red, vesicular patches, pruritus; common in men during summer
  21. How is the percentage of body tissues burned estimated?
    Rule of nines
  22. Central Nervous System
    central location; brain and spinal cord
  23. Peripheral Nervous System
    • peripheral location
    • 12 pairs of cranial nerves (cranium); carry impulses to and from brain
    • 31 pairs of spinal nerves; to and from spinal cord
  24. Axon
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