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  1. A point
    represented as a small dot has no length, with or thickness.
  2. a line
    connecting two points along the shortest possible path, has no thickness and extends infinitely in both directions.
  3. A plane
    is a flat surface with no thickness and no boundaries. does not extend indefinitely and it does have a thickness.
  4. A ray
    is a half-line with its endpoint included.
  5. Half-lines
    any point on the line divides the line into three parts-the point and two half-lines.
  6. angle
    is formed by the union of two rays that have a common endpoint.
  7. A ray is
    called the initial side and the other the terminal side.
  8. vertex
    the common endpoint of and angles initial side and terminal side is the vertex of the angle.
  9. angels are measures how?
    by degrees.
  10. Image Upload 1
  11. an acute angle
    measures less than 90 degree.
  12. a right angle
    on quarter of a complete rotation, measures 90 degrees.
  13. an obtuse angle
    measures more than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees.
  14. straight angle
    on half a complete rotation, measures 180 degrees
  15. protractor
    used for finding the degree measure of and angle.
  16. complementary angles
    two angles whose measures have a some of 90 degrees
  17. supplementary angles
    two angles whose measures have a sum of 180 degrees
  18. vertical angles
    when two lines intersect the opposite angles
  19. parallel lines
    are lines that lie in the same plane and have to points in common.
  20. intersecting lines
    two different lines in the same plane are not parallel, they have single point in common.
  21. perpendicular lines
    lines intersect at an angle of 90 degrees
  22. Transveral
    pair of parallel lines with a third line that create 8 angles.
  23. alternate interior angles
    interior angles that do not have a common vertex on alternate sides of the transversal
  24. alternate exterior angles
    exterior angles that do not have a common vertex on alternate sides of the transversal
  25. corresponding angles
    one interior and one exterior angle on the same side of the transversal
  26. theorem
    a conclusion that is proved to be true through deductive reasoning
  27. triangle
    is a geometric figure that has three sides, all of which lie on a flat surface or plane.
  28. closed geometric
    beginning point and ending point are the same the triangle is closed.
  29. acute triangle
    all angles are acute
  30. right triangle
    one angle measures 90 degrees.
  31. obtuse triangle
    one angle is obtuse
  32. isosceles triangle
    two sides have equal length.
  33. equilateral triangle
    all sides have equal length. 60,60,60 degrees
  34. scalene triangle
    no two sides are equal in length.
  35. scale drawings
    figures that have the same shape, but not the same size.
  36. hypotenuse
    the side opposite the 90 degree angle.
  37. Pythagorean theorem
    the lengths of the three sides of a tight triangle.
  38. Tessellation or tiling
    is a pattern consisting of the repeated use of the same geometric figure to completely cover a plane, leaving no gaps and no overlaps.
  39. Circle
    is a set of points in the plane equally distant form a given point, its center.
  40. radius is
    a line segment from the center to any point on the circle.
  41. diameter
    is a line segment through the center whose endpoints both lie on the circle.
  42. circumference
    distance around a circle
  43. Volume
    amount of space occupied by a solid object, determined by the number of cubic units it takes to fill the interior of that object.
  44. rectangular solid
    the volume of the box.
  45. Cube
    if the length, width, and height are the same, the rectangular solid.
  46. polyhedron
    a solid figure bounded by polygons. a rectangular solid is and example.
  47. rectangular solid
    is bounded by sex rectangles, called faces.
  48. Pyramid
    is a polyhedron whose base is a polygon and whose side are triangles.
  49. Right circular cone inside a cylinder.
    sharing the same circular base as the cylinder.
  50. Sphere
    is the set of points in space equally distant from a given point of its center.
  51. surface area
    are of the outer surface of a three dimensional object.
  52. Three fundamental trigonometric ratios?
    since, cosine, tangent.
  53. Angle of elevation
    an angle formed by a horizontal line and the line of sight to an object that is above the horizontal line.
  54. Angle of depression
    angle formed by a horizontal line and the line of sight to an object that is below the horizontal line.
  55. A vertex is a point is?
    an edge is a line segment or curve that starts and ends at a vertex.
  56. vertices and edges form a graph by?
    the vertex with an odd number of attached edges is and odd vertex. a vertex with an even number of attached edges is a even vertex.
  57. Traversable?
    it can be traced without lifting the pencil from the paper and without tracing an edge more than once.
  58. Topology
    shapes that can be twisted, stretched, bent, and shrunk.
  59. Genus
    Gives the largest number of complete cuts that can be made in the object without cutting the object into two pieces.
  60. Topolgically equivalent
    objects with the same genus.
  61. Iteration
    a rule again and again to create a self-similar fractal like the broken-up triangle.
  62. fractal geometry
    broken up or fragmented shapes.
  63. euclidean geometry euclid
    given a point not on a line, there is one and only one line through the point parallel to the given line.
  64. hyperbolic geometry lobachevsky, bolyai
    given an point not on a line, there are an infinite number lines through the point that do no intersect the given line.
  65. Elliptic geometry Riemann
    there are no parallel lines.
  66. Klein bottle
    Klein bottle passes through itself without the existence of a hole, which is impossible in three-dimensional space.
  67. Image Upload 2 is what formula?
  68. Image Upload 3 is what formula?
  69. Image Upload 4 is what formula?
  70. Image Upload 5 is what formula?
  71. Image Upload 6 is what formula?
  72. Image Upload 7 is what formula?
    standard form for circle.
  73. Image Upload 8 is what formula?
  74. Image Upload 9
  75. Image Upload 10

    Image Upload 11

    is what formula?
    Quadratic functions
  76. Image Upload 12       Image Upload 13
    is what formula?
  77. Image Upload 14  Image Upload 15  is what shift in a conics
    UP and Down.
  78. Image Upload 16  Image Upload 17 what shift is this in conic
    left and right.
  79. C is what in conics
    the x intercept.
  80. Image Upload 18   is what formula?
    for a parabola
  81. Interior angles
  82. exterior angles
  83. corresponding line
  84. Image Upload 19
    Pythagorean theorem. C is the longest side of a triangle.
  85. Image Upload 20 is what form?
    general conic equation
  86. Products to create conic equation is
    2 variables and at least one has is squared.
  87. Image Upload 21  is what?
  88. Image Upload 22  is what?
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