1. abx for AOM
    HD amoxicillin (3-4g), cephs or Bactrim, azithromycin ; tx failure GT 72h Augmentin or cephs
  2. home made ear drops to decr risk of swimmers ear
    1 part vinegar to 2 parts rubbing alcohol
  3. what kind of glaucoma presents with acute painful eye and visual disturbance
    angle-closure glaucoma ; an emergency
  4. what kind of glaucoma presents with gradual onset and no symptoms and is found on IOP exam
    open angle glaucoma
  5. eye disorder that presents with painful red eye, visual change, constricted, irregular pupil that is nonreactive
    anterior uveitis
  6. ethnic group at higher risk for angle closure glaucoma
    African ancestry
  7. this glaucoma presents with gradual peripheral visual loss
    open-angle glaucoma
  8. disk appearance in any type of glaucoma
    pushed in, cupped or bulging with papilledema
  9. what is Meniere Disease?
    idiopathic inner ear disease resulting in tinnitus, nystagmus, and vertigo
  10. how is Meniere Disease diagnosed?
    diagnosis of exclusion
  11. nystagmus in Meniere Disease
    towards affected ear and then corrects midline
  12. Weber test in Meniere Disease
    lateralizes to affected ear
  13. Rinne test in Meniere Disease
    Normal:  air exceeds bone conduction
  14. Romberg test in Meniere Dz
  15. what is the Fukuda stepping test and what is often result in Meniere Dz
    high step in place for 1 min and note rotation ; in Meniere Dz rotate to affected ear
  16. topical abx for otitis externa
    aminoglycoside, quinolone or neomycin ointment with or without hydrocortisone
  17. organisms in AOM
    S. pneum. (gram+), H. infl., M. catarrhalis (both gram-)
  18. abx for AOM
    HD amox, cephs
  19. organism in strep throat
    S. pyogenes-group A beta-hemolytic strep, Mycoplasma pneum.
  20. serious sequelae of strep throat
    peritonsillar abscess, rheumatic fever, pyelonephritis
  21. is H. influenzae a beta-lactamase producing bacteria that most pcn's are ineffective against
  22. abx to use against H. influenzae and other beta-lactamase producing bacteria
    Augmentin, ceph, or macrolide
  23. most common organism in ABRS
    S. pneum. a gram+ organism ; then gram negatives H. infl. and M. catarrhalis
  24. abx for S. pneum ABRS
    amox or doxy or azith
  25. abx for ABRS in pts with recent abx use
    levo- or moxifloxacin
  26. vision loss in macular degeneration
  27. lifestyle risk factor for macular degeneration
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