PSY 115: Chapters 6 - 10 Quizzes

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  1. The awareness of internal and external stimuli defines...
  2. The main reason that many adolescents find it incredibly difficult to fall asleep before midnight is because they are in a __ phase of life.
    sleep delayed
  3. The biological rhythm which helps to drive our internal core body temperature, hormone production, and sleep is called the ____ rhythm.
  4. If you have a goal of remembering your most impressive dream of the night, the best thing you could do would be to...
    have someone wake you about 30 minutes before you normally wake up.
  5. Nightmares occur in ___ sleep, whereas Night Terrors occur in ___ sleep.
    REM : NREM
  6. As discussed in class, the most commonly diagnosed sleep disorder at sleep clinics is...
    obstructive sleep apnea.
  7. The MOST effective long-term treatment for insomnia is...
    cognitive behavioral therapy.
  8. The last step in problem solving is to...
    evaluate the results.
  9. What type of problem-solving strategy would be best to use when solving a problem in algebra class?
  10. There are some inventions (the sewing machine, for example) which have been attributed to _____ while dreaming.
    convergent thinking
  11. If the executive team wants to really employ thinking "outside the box", they should encourage...
    divergent thinking.
  12. The system of rules for combining words and phrases to make meaningful sentences is called...
  13. In this type of research design, one group of participants is followed and assessed as the group ages.
  14. What relatively new field investigates the influence of genes and heredity on a person's actions?
    behavioral genetics.
  15. Diseases carried by recessive genes are inherited when the child...
    inherits two recessive genes, one from each parent.
  16. Ashley and Mary-Kate are twins who are genetically identical. What type of twins are they?
  17. What are some common consequences to a child whose mother smoked while pregnant?
    lower birth weight and short stature.
  18. Infant reflexes are...
    innate involuntary behavior patterns.
  19. According to Piaget, the ability to understand that simply changing the appearance of an object does not change the object's nature is known as...
  20. By about 12 months of age, most babies begin to...
    build a vocabulary of one-word phrases.
  21. Correlational studies show that children with the highest self-esteem, self-reliance, and social competence usually have parents who utilize this parenting style.
  22. As we saw in the video, and as is discussed in the book, children know whether they are a boy or a girl by about age...
    2 years.
  23. The reckless risk taking found among many adolescents is most likely due to the effects of developmental changes in the brain along with ___.
    the personal fable.
  24. What ability declines during adulthood?
    the speed of processing.
  25. Which level of Abraham Maslow's hierarchy is epitomized by the U.S. Army slogan "Be all that you can be"?
  26. Destruction or defect in which brain structure can drastically alter eating behavior?
  27. A desire to perform a behavior to obtain an external reward or avoid punishment is known as ___ motivation.
  28. The tendency of the body to maintain a steady physiological state of functioning is called ___.
  29. The Yerkes-Dodson Law describes the rule that your performance on a task will be optimal if your level of arousal is ____. (Assume that the task is neither very easy nor very hard.)
  30. Obesity is defined as the condition of being at least __ percent over one's ideal body weight.
  31. Which hormone, secreted by fat cells, informs the hypothalamus about the body's fat reserves?
  32. The video on obesity made it clear that obesity is strongly related to...
  33. What behavioral characteristic is most strongly associated with the development of cardiovascular disease?
  34. T/F: research discussed in lecture provided strong evidence that getting stressed by being severely chilled causes colds.
  35. Cohen purposely infected study participants with live cold virus. He found that those most likely to "catch" the cold were those who...
    reported higher levels of stress.
  36. Name the correct order of the General Adaptation Syndrome.
    Alarm, Resistance, Exhaustion.
  37. Thinking about GREs, applying to graduate school, and studying for mid-terms, Nichole gets sweaty palms and her heart races. Her reactions are caused by....
    the sympathetic nervous system.
  38. Adrenaline is a catecholamine, the release of which is stimulated by the ___.
  39. Suri is under a lot of stress between family issues, work, and college. She can barely get her work done, eats much more than usual and does not sleep well most nights. Suri is most likely in the __ phase of the GAS.
  40. What does the adrenal gland produce and store?
    both corticosteroids and catecholamines.
  41. Which is a stress hormone that was found in the blood of socially stressed baboons and in British men shopping for holiday gifts?
  42. Which of the following is a mental series of exercises meant to refocus attention and achieve a trance-like state of consciousness?
  43. Social psychology is the scientific study of how a person's behavior, thoughts, and feelings are influenced by...
    the real, imagined, or implied presence of others.
  44. In Asch's study of conformity, people had to compare different lengths of lines and then select the one which was most similar to the target line. Which factor increased the rate of conformity?
    when the number of confederates increased.
  45. This is a change in behavior due to the direct request from someone else.
  46. The public service messages that encourage parents to sit down with their children and talk frankly about drugs are promoting which method of attitude formation?
    direct instruction
  47. Getting people to comply with a second, larger request after they comply with an initial small request is called the ___ technique.
    foot in the door
  48. Laura's room is almost always a mess. Her parents attribute this to Laura's laziness. This is an example of what type of cause?
  49. You observe the cashier at Caribou get mad and yell at the customer in front of you. Which of the following best illustrates you succumbing to the fundamental attribution error? You think to yourself,
    the cashier is an angry person
  50. We watched a video on Friday of the classroom in Iowa where the Stereotype Effect was illustrated. The kids, on the day that they were told they were inferior, took ____ to complete the flash card task, as compared with their time on the day when they had been told they were the superior kids.
    more time
  51. According to Sternberg, married (committed) people who also have intimacy and passion are in the form of love called...
    consummate love.
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