Biology unit 2 module 2 (health and disease)

  1. Define Health
    A state of mental physical and social wellbeing and not just an absence of disease.
  2. Define disease
    A departure from god health caused by the malfunction of the mind or body.
  3. What is meant by a parasite?
    Ann organism that lives in our pin another living thing, causing harm to its host.
  4. What is a pathogen?
    An organism thay causes disease.
  5. What is meant by a alanced diet?
    A deit that contains all the nutrients required for health in the appropriate proportions.
  6. What is meant by obesity?
    When a person is 20% or more heavier than the recommended wieght for their height.
  7. What is an antigen?
    Molecules that stimulate an imune response
  8. What are Antibodies?
    Protein molecules that can identify and neutralise antigens.
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Biology unit 2 module 2 (health and disease)
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