Learning Psych - Classical Conditioning

  1. Unconditioned stimulus
    Object presented before conditioning
  2. UR Unconditioned response
    unlearnt automatic response to unconditioned stimulus
  3. CS conditioned stimulus
    originally neutral stimulus that becomes associated with a UCS and triggers conditioned response
  4. CR conditioned response
    Learnt response to a previously neutral stimulus
  5. Acquisition
    initial stage of learning which a response is established and gradually strengthened
  6. Extinction (3_
    • - eliminating a conditioned response
    • - CR can be stopped
    • - Does not totally erase effects of classical conditioning
  7. generalisation
    tendency for a similar stimulus to evoke similar responses
  8. Discrimination
    learning a conditioned response to a specific conditioned stimulus (opposite of generalisation)
  9. Contiguity
    Time interval between CS and UCS - most effective when time interval is small
  10. Contingency
    • Predictability of occurrence of one stimulus from the presence of another
    • the principle that learning will occur only if one event appears to be dependent ¬†on or conditioned by something else
  11. Counter Conditioning (definition)
    Behaviour Therapy used to unlearn classical conditioning
  12. Systematic Destensitisation (definition)
    Reduces condition response of anxiety by establishing a different response to the conditioned stimulus
  13. Systematic Desensitisation (steps)
    • Relaxing - deep breathing/muscle relaxing/hypnosis
    • Anxiety Hierarchy - list of least threatening to most threatening things
    • Pairing - pair anxiety inducing stimulus with relaxinng
  14. Exposure Therapy (3)
    • extinction is applied
    • Patient is exposed to CS without UCS
    • eg sees dentist without experiencing painful treatment
  15. Aversion Therapy
    • Attempts to condition an aversion to a stimulus
    • Used to treat addictions
    • eg take a tablet before drinking alcohol, therefore associate nausea with alcohol
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