Biology - Prokaryotic Cells

  1. Cell Wall
    • allways present
    • composed of peptidoglycan
    • provides physical protection
    • maintains cell shaper
    • prevents bursting in hypotonic environment
  2. Plasma Membrane
    • thin layer mainly composed of phospholipids pushed up against inside of the cell wall
    • provides selectively permeable barrier between homeostatically controlled interioir and fluctuating exterioir environments
    • controls entry and exit of substances
    • can pump substances in our out (Active transport)
    • Homeostatic -┬áThe ability or tendency of an organism or cell to maintain internal equilibrium by adjusting its physiological processes.
  3. Flagella
    • structures protruding from the cell
    • corkscrew shape
    • base embedded in cell wall
    • rotated to propel
    • solid and inflexible
  4. Cytoplasm
    • fluid filling the space inside plasma membrane
    • water with many dissolved substances
    • contains many enzymes
    • contains ribosomes
    • carries out the chemical reactions of metabolism
  5. Ribosomes
    • smaller granular structures (70S)
    • sites of protein synthesis
  6. Nucleoid
    • region in cytoplasm contain the genetic material
    • DNA is circular and naked (1 molecule)
    • Nucleoid stained less┬ádensely because there are fewer ribosomes in it and less protein
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Biology - Prokaryotic Cells
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