Drama 34 Final

  1. If you are unsure of a fabrics content, what should you do?
    Burn it
  2. What is Fabric made of
    • Fiber (what its made of)
    • Weave (How its put together)
  3. What are the Four main fabrics used
    • Cotton 
    • Linen
    • Wool
    • Silk
  4. Synonym for Crossgrain
  5. Synonym for Grain Line
  6. Definition for Bias
    • 45 degree angle of fabric 
    • (corner or corner)
  7. Synthetic Fibers
    • Rayon 
    • Polyster
    • Nylon
    • Acrylic
    • Polyothalyn
    • Micro fibers
  8. Pieces of a costume
    • Garment
    • Undergarment
    • Accessories
    • Ornaments
    • Hair 
    • Makeup
  9. Definition: What is Fashion
    A taste shared by many for a short time
  10. Name two types of costume design
    • Decorative (vegas show girl/ marching band) 
    • Character (character specific)
  11. Intellectual response to costume design?
    when there is a well though out response to a costume
  12. Ornament vs Accessory
    Decoration vs. functionality
  13. What is a Feed Dog
    The Teeth of a sewing machine
  14. What is a fly wheel
    The manual control of a sewing machine
  15. What is a respirator used for?
    To help you breath
  16. What is the function of the presser foot?
    The piece that holds fabric to sewing machine
  17. What is a pressing ham used for?
    Ironing curves
  18. What is a Rendering?
    A visual representation of what your making
  19. Whats the purpose of a costume?
    To help tell the story without confusing or overshadowing
  20. Costume list
    A list of all the pieces of the costume
  21. Costume plot
    What is worn during each part of the play
  22. What is the purpose of a production meeting?
    A meeting where everyone who is in charge is on the same, and telling the same story
  23. What is a "mock up"
    A trial run of a garment in cheap fabric
  24. Jobs in a Costume shop
    • Milliner 
    • Shopper
    • Stitcher 
    • Designer
  25. What do you do at the beginning and end of each seam
    back stitch
  26. What is the responsibility of the wardrobe crew
    • basic repairs
    • check in/out garments
    • quick changes
    • laundry
  27. What is an MSDS sheet
    Material Safety Data Sheet
  28. Whats the purpose of sewing seams?
    So the fabric doesn't fray
  29. Costumes tell us what about the character or production? Examples needed
    • Time of Day
    • Time period 
    • Personality
    • Mood
    • SSE
    • Setting 
    • Gender
    • Season
    • Profession
    • Age Progression
    • Psychological Progression
    • Genre
    • Weather
  30. What are we turning in the last day of class?
    • Bag 
    • Rendering 
    • Paragraph
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