Romanian Verbs

  1. a fi
    to be
  2. a spune
    to say
  3. a cere
    to ask for
  4. a întreba
    to ask for
  5. a dori
    to wish,want
  6. a vorbi
    to speak
  7. a pleca
    to leave
  8. a începe
    to begin
  9. a merge
    to go
  10. a veni
    to come
  11. a studia
    to study
  12. a locui
    to live
  13. a avea
    to have
  14. a cauta
    to look for
  15. a încerca
    to try
  16. a găsi
    to find
  17. a greşi
    to make a mistake
  18. a ajunge
    to arrive
  19. a face
    to do
  20. a intra
    to enter
  21. a sta
    to stay, stand, etc.
  22. a chema
    to call
  23. a comanda
    to order
  24. a mînca
    to eat
  25. a bea
    to drink
  26. a fuma
    to smoke
  27. a termina
    to end, finish
  28. a plăti
    to pay
  29. a ieşi
    to go out
  30. a lucra
    to work
  31. a-i plăcea
    to like
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Romanian Verbs
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