GSR Bylaws

  1. Four major categories of staff
    • Active
    • Ambulatory
    • Affiliate
    • Honorary
  2. Requirements of Active Staff (3)
    • 1.Maintain admitting/procedural privileges commensurate with his or her specialty.
    • 2. responsibility within area of professional competence for the continuous care and supervision of each patient in the hospital for whom he/she is providing services, or arrange a suitable alternative for such care and supervision.
    • 3. Actively participate in patient care evaluation, utilization review and other quality evaluation and monitoring activities required of the staff, in supervising initial appointees of his/her same profession, in the emergency services program, and in discharging such other staff functions as may be required from time to time.
    • 4. Maintain Medical records timely.
    • 5. Anything else required by MEC/Bylaws/Rules
  3. Prerogatives Active Staff
    • Vote
    • Committees
    • Attend any meeting
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GSR Bylaws
GSR Bylaws