med chem III quizzes

  1. transpeptidase enzyme that crosslink the glycan strands of bacterial cells walls - these are targets of beta lactam intibiotics
    penicillin binding proteins
  2. oral aminopenicillin /beta-lactamase combo routinely used for sinusitis
    amoxicillin/clavulanate - augmentin
  3. acylase enzyme resistance mechanism capable of removing the acylamino side chain from beta-lactam antibiotics
  4. parenteral extended spectrum penicillin/beta-lactamase combo for pre-surgical prophylaxis
    piperacillin/tazobactam - zosyn
  5. carbapenem-penicillinase inhibitor combo for serious infections such as endocarditis
    imipenem/cilastatin - primaxin
  6. topical antibiotic for methicillin-susceptible staph or strep impetigo infections
    retapmulin - altabax
  7. orally active semi-synthitic penicillinase resistant penicillin
  8. retains the red safranin stain = ie E. coli
    gram (-) organisms
  9. elevates plasma levels in septicemia of penicillins, cephalosproins and tamiflu
  10. IM cephalosporin recommended in combo with axithromycin or doxycycline for uncomplicated neisseria gonococcal infections
    ceftriaxone - rocephin
  11. enterocolitis arising from antibiotic treatment and selection of a resistant hypertoxin producing clostridium difficile
    pseudomembranous colitis
  12. orally active fermentation derived penicillin susceptible to penicillinase
  13. reserved for severe salmonella infections and meningitis in patients that beta-lactams are contrindicated
  14. serine active site containing inducible resistance factor that results in hydrolysis of pens and cephalosporins
  15. 1st gen cephalosporin for group A B-hemolytic streptococcus sp.
    cefadroxil - duricef
  16. retain the purple color crystal violet-iodine complex stain - ie streptococcus sp.
    gram (+) organisms
  17. monobactam for IV/IM use in serious infections
    aztreoman - azactam
  18. parenteral semi-synthetic penicillinase resistant penicillin
  19. fluoroquinolone for prostatitis and inhalational anthrax
  20. macrolide reserved for C. diff
    fidaxomicin - dificid
  21. prodrug that in the presence of acidic urine orms formaldehyde for use in chronic UTI
    methenamine hippurate
  22. IV or oral macrolide that does not inhibit CYP enzymes
    azithromycin - zithromax
  23. alternative treatment for C. diff delivered by a nasoduodenal tube
    donor feces
  24. synergisitc combination used to treat UTI and PCP
  25. folate reductase inhibitor
  26. concurrent use contraindicated with erythromycins since they anatagonize each other due to same ribosomal biding site
    clindamycin - cleocin
  27. tetracycline that can be taken with food or mile - drug of choice prevention of lyme's disease upon tick removal
    doxycycline - vibramycin
  28. treatment of pneumocysitis pnemonia in pts intolerant to sulfamethoxizole/trimethoprim
    atovaquone - mepron
  29. inhibitor of bacterial protein synthesis by binding to the 30S ribosome and prevents aminoacyl tRNA to the mRNA-ribosomal complex - active against MRSA
    tigecycline - tygacil
  30. antibacterial agent used in burns
    silver sulfadiazine - sivadene
  31. treatment of candida albicans bulbobaginitis only
    sulfanilamide - AVC
  32. semi-synthetic analog of vancomycin that can interfere with coagulatoin and uring protein tests
    telavancin - vibativ
  33. tightly controlled antimicrobial that prevents the formation of 70S initiation complex responsible for protein synthesis
    linezolide - zyvox
  34. treatment of aerobic gram (+) infections - cyclic lipopeptide- discontinue statins due to increased risk of rhabdomyolysis
    daptomycin - cubicin
  35. treatment of childhood diarrhea due to cryptosporidium infections
    nitazoxanide - alinia
  36. broad spetrum biocide used in commercial products
  37. IM aminoglycoside that is commonly used as a tuberculosis regimen drug - irreversible 8th cranial nerve ototoxicity possible
    streptomycin sulfate
  38. treatment of bacterial enterocolititis or other serious gram (+) infections - resistance via D-lactate or D-serine substitution
  39. oral use macrolide that is a potent CYP3A4 inhibitor
    clarithromycin - biaxin
  40. the sulfonamide act as a competitive antaonsit of this target involved in deoxythymidine synthesis
    p-aminobenzoic acid
  41. retreatment agent for TB that antagonizes D-alanine's role in bacterial cell wall crosslinking
    cycloserine - seromycin
  42. adjunct weight loss agent that selectively activates 5_HT2c receptors in the hypothalamus promoting satiety
    lorcaserin - belviq
  43. selective a2 receptor agonist used for ADHA
    guanfacine - intuv
  44. retreatment agent for resistant TB that is a polypeptide antibiotic that disrupts cell wall crosslinking
    capreomycin - capastat
  45. activated D1/D2 dopamine receptors - used in ADHD and narcolepsy
    dexmethyphenidate - focalin
  46. IM administration primary treatment agent drug used against TB - possible oto-renal toxicity damage
  47. abuse by injection resistant dosage form of extroamphetamine used in ADHD and marcolepsy
    lisdexfetamine dimesylate - vyvanase
  48. fluoroquinoline useful intreating multi-drug resistant TB
    levofloxacin - levaquin
  49. lipase inhibitor used for weight loss
    orlistat - xenical
  50. mycolic acid synthesis disruption prevents TB growth by this drub metabolized by N-acetylation
  51. selective inhibitor of pre-synaptic norepi transporter for use in ADHD - a non-schedule controlled frug
    atomoxetine - strattera
  52. beta-lactam based treatment that is effective against extensively resistant TB
    meropenem and clavulanate
  53. treatment of apnea of prematurity
  54. TB drug that inhibits bacterial RNA polymerase - also used in n. meningitis carrier treatmetn
    rifampin - rifadin
  55. treatment of cataplexy
    sodium oxybate - xyrem
  56. structural component of the cell wall of mycobacterium species that makes it difficult for drugs to penetrate into the organism
    mycolic acid
  57. enantiopure analeptic agent used to treat narcolepsy
    armodafinil - nuvigil
  58. competitive inhibitor of PABA useful in TB retreatment cases
    p-aminosalicyclic acid
  59. anti-convulsant/anorexiant used to promot weight loss
    phenteramine / topiramate - qysmia
  60. useful in TB treatment, MAC complex in advanced AIDS patients and for hepatic encephalopathy
    rifibutin - mycobutin
  61. antitussive & decongestant combinatoin
    hydrocodone/pseudophedrine - rezira
  62. relief of severe pain and narcotic addiction detoxification and maintenance therapy
    methadone - dolophine
  63. vanillinoid receptor-1 agonist-post herpetic neuralgia use
    capsaicin - qutenza
  64. prevents decreased peristalsis and absorption of water preventing constipation when taking narcotic agonists
    methylnaltrexone - relistor
  65. central analesic a2 adenoreceptor agonist
    clonidine - duraclon
  66. common opioid used in obstetrical analgesia- less smooth muscle spasms, constipation and depression of cough reflex
    meperidien - demerol
  67. analgesic adjunct in intubated & ventilated patients- extremely potent agent
    sufentanil - sufenta
  68. 3,6-diacetylmorphine
  69. sugar free lozenge on a stick narcotic product used due to extreme lipid solubility for break through cancer pain
    fentanyl - actiq
  70. 10X potent than morphine, weakest antitussive, most potent respiratory depressant/physical addiction agent used in pain and pre-operative anesthesia
    oxymorphone - opana
  71. antipyretic & COX inhibitor limited in dosage to 325 mg in narcotic combo products in order to decrease risk of liver toxicity
  72. acute narcotic overdosage - decreased bowel sounds, pinpoint pupil and respiratory depression reversal
    naloxone - narcan
  73. poor O-demethlation leads to poor codeine pain response
    CYP2D6 polymorphism
  74. post herpetic neuralgia, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, parital seizures, fibromyalgi treatment
    pregabalin - lyrica
  75. morphine administation
    relief from anxiety due to CHF dyspnea
  76. common anti-tussive agent - 3-O-methymorphine
  77. narcotic agonist & central COX inhibitor product
    oxycodone/APAP - roxicet
  78. narcotic agonist/antagonist for treatment of heroin addiction
    buprenorphine/naloxone - suboxone
  79. prototype phenanthrene derived from opium poppy latex
    morphine sulfate - avinza
  80. transdermal narcotic product used due to extreme lipid solubility for break through cancer pain
    fentanyl - duragesic
  81. Cannabinoid used to treat chemotherapy induce N/V
    nabilone - cesamet
  82. ergot alkaloid that inhibits the effects of serotonin and used in migraine treatment-use care due to fibrosis
    dihyfroergotamine - migranal
  83. substance P/Neurokinin 1 receptor antagonist used in highly emetic high dose cisplatin
    aprepitant - emend
  84. COX--2 selective NSAID agent in normal clinical dosages
    celecoxib - celebrex
  85. non-phenothiazine anti-dopaminergic agent used inpregnancy, labor & chemotherapy to treat N/V
    metoclopramide - reglan
  86. prostaglnadin replacement therapy NSAID usefrul in arthritis
    diclofenac/misoprostol - arthrotec
  87. anti-cholinergic transdermal product that is useful in motion sichness and pre-/post-op surgery
    scopolamine - transderm-scop
  88. irreversible covalent modification of serine active site of COX by this drug-stops production of prostaglandins and other inflammatory mediators
    acetylsalicyclic acid
  89. 5-HT3 receptor antagonist used to treat N/V
    ondansetron - Zofran
  90. arylpropionic acid NSAID
  91. anti-dopaminergic phenothiazine with type-1 antihistaminic properties used for anti-emetic properties
  92. arlyacetic acid NSAID
  93. piperazine based antihistamine tha is very effective in motion sichness and vertigo induced N/V
    meclizine - antivert
  94. short acting benzodiazepine used in alcohol detoxification and simple excreted by glucuronide conjugation
  95. 5-HT1 receptor agonist used in treatment of migraine headache
    sumatriptan succinate - imitrex
  96. anti-dopaminergic phenothiazine used in suppository form to treat N/V-associated with "thorazine shuffle"
  97. benzodiazepine useful for status epilepticus, muscle relaxation, treatment of anxiety
  98. sulfonamide based NSAID
    piroxicam - feldene
  99. 5-HT3 receptor antagonist used to treat diarrhea prone IBS
    alosetron - lotronex
  100. lnhibitor of peripheral decarboxylase which prevents peripheral dopamine formation
  101. alzheimer's centrally acting cholinesterase inhibitor transdermal product with no known CYP drug interactions
    rivastigmine - exelon
  102. used in psychotic disorders that do not respond-monitor foor agranulocytosis-limited dispensing 1 week
    clozapine - clozaril
  103. allosteric coupled to the benzodiazepine receptor agonisst used for treatment of insomnia-appears safe for long term use with no loss of efficiency
    eszopiclone - lunesta
  104. direct dopamine agonist used in parkinson's & restless leg syndrome
    ropinirole - requip
  105. longest half-life benzodiazepine sedative hypnotic-useful if next day anxiety- use caution to avoid accumulation
    quazepam- doral
  106. best tolerated anti-cholinergic agent for mild parkinson's in the elderly where levodop/carbidopa are not yet indicated
    diphenhydramine - benadryl
  107. adjunct parkinson's agent which is a selective and reversible inhibitor of COMT
    tolcapone - tasmar
  108. reversible depletion of CNS neurotransmitters - treatment of huntington's disease
    tetrabenazine - xenazine
  109. sedation of ICU patients that are intubated and mechanically ventilated
    dexmedetomidine - precedex
  110. direct ergot based dopamine receptro agonist used in parkinson's
    bromocriptine - parlodel
  111. subcutaneous agent useful in preventing end-of-dose "wearing off" syndrome in parkinson's treatment; large doses can induce emesis
    apomorphine - apokyn
  112. alzheimer's centrally acting cholinesterase inhibitor metabolized by CYP3A4/2D6
    donepezil - aricept
  113. prodrug of dopamine used in treatment of parkinson's disease
  114. phenothiazine neuroleptic assoc. with cardiotoxicity
    thioridazine - mellaril
  115. melatonin receptor agonist indicated for long term use in treatment of insomnia
    ramelteon - rozarem
  116. second generation neuroleptic agent for schizophrenia- antagonism of dapamine and serotonin receptors-can cause QT prolongation
    paliperidone - invega
  117. CNS irreversible MAO-B suicide substrate used as an adjunct agent in parkinson's treatment
    rasagiline - azilect
  118. very potent agent used in psychosis, drug of choice for Tourette's syndrome, PCP overdosage-severe extrapyramidal effects. Vitamin H common nickname
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