Intro to Social Work Final Exam

  1. What
    does “TANF” stand for and what are the federal goals that states must
    address with these funds?
    Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

    •Assist needy families with children so that children may be cared for in their own homes or in the homes of relatives

    •Reduce dependency on govt. benefits by promoting job preparation, work and marriage

    •Reduce and prevent out-of-wedlock pregnancies

    •Encourage formation and maintenance of two parent families.
  2. What factors can impact a parent/caregiver’s ability to adequately fulfill
    their role?
    Socio-economic status 




    —Housing resources

    —Health/mental health issues


    —Own family history, possibly including abuse/neglect

  3. What is the oldest, best-established field of professional social work practice.
    Health care social work - Historically called “medical social work” and often referred to as “clinical social work” (different from clinical SW) 

  4. Social workers provide mental health services in what kinds of settings?
    • —Hospitals – pediatrics, oncology, ER 
    • Other health care facilities:  community health clinics, acute and long term care settings 
    • —Hospice care
    • —Home care services
  5. What is the fastest growing population
    segment in our country?
    Americans age 85 and older are one of the fastest growing population segments
  6. Statistics powerpoint slide on domestic violence
    • —Leading cause of serious injury to women in the US 
    • —Affects 1.7 million women at any given moment 
    • Every 9 seconds a woman in the US is beaten by her husband or boyfriend 
    • 20% of women will experience physical violence in their lifetime 
    • —Over 7% are raped by their intimate partner 
    • Almost 5% are stalked
  7. General question about persons with
    developmental/cognitive disabilities and about the legal system
    Cognitive disability = mental process of knowing, including awareness, perception, reasoning, judgement and learning

    Communication disability = physical involvement that impairs ones ability to convey information and ideasCognitive disability-person with a cognitive disability has greater difficulty with one or more types of mental tasks than the average person.

    Guest speaker was Michelle Lee- Hawaii disability Rights Center - est 1977 Federal funded , state mandated Protect the legal rights for people with disabilities 

    Michelle responds to complaints from disabled in the areas of: In care homes, In hospitals, In schools Programs “easter seals” Employment - EXp. county of Hawaii 

    Mental health wards- dont think they should be there 

    Disability Defined = A functional limitation that effects the capacity for self careDisability Act 1995 Give people rights in the area of  EMPLOYMENT, EDUCATION, ACCESS TO FACILITIES/SERVICES
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