PTG 105-Exam 4-Muscles 2

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  1. What is a less severe variation of muscular dystrophy?
    Becker's dystrophy
  2. What is Gower's sign?
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    • Indication of proximal lower limb muscle weakness
    • Has to walk themselves up on their hands from lying down
  3. How is Poliomyelitis acquired?
    • RNA virus
    • Fecal Oral Route
  4. In the majority of cases, What are the symptoms of poliomyelitis?
  5. What percent of cases does the polio virus enter the CNS?
  6. How does poliomyelitis enter the CNS?
    Blood stream
  7. When polio enters the CNS, what does it do?
    destroys the anterior horn cells in the spine
  8. Spinal anterior horn cells control what part of the body?
    Movement of the trunk and limb muscles
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