Surgical Procedures

  1. Abdominoplasty
    Procedure to remove excess skin and fat and tightens abdominal muscles (referred to as a “tummy tuck”)
  2. Appendectomy
    Removal of the appendix
  3. Cholecystectomy
    Removal of the gall bladder
  4. Colectomy
    Complete or partial removal of the colon or large bowel
  5. Colonoscopy
    Examination/exploration of the colon and rectum with a scope
  6. Colostomy
    Establishment of an artificial cutaneous opening into the colon through the abdominal wall for the discharge of the colon’s contents (can be permanent or temporary)
  7. EGD
    Esophagogastroduodenoscopy – examination of the upper GI tract by way of an endoscope
  8. Gastrectomy
    Complete or partial removal of the stomach
  9. Gastric Bypass
    Procedure to reduce the size of the stomach; most commonly in morbidly obese patients
  10. Gastrostomy Tube
    G-Tube; a tube inserted through an opening in the abdomen into the stomach (used to administer food/nutrients)
  11. Hemorrhoidectomy
    Removal of hemorrhoids
  12. Ileostomy
    Establishment of an opening (fistula) through the abdominal wall in which the ileum (small intestine) discharges the bowel’s contents outside the body
  13. Laparoscopy
    Procedure used to explore the abdominal cavity with a scope
  14. Peritoneocentesis
    Procedure to remove fluid from the abdominal cavity (commonly referred to as paracentesis)
  15. Amniocentesis
    Procedure to remove fluid from the amniotic sac
  16. Caesarean Section
    C-Section; incision through the abdominal wall and uterus for extraction of the fetus
  17. Cystoscopy
    Examination/exploration of the urethra and bladder with a scope
  18. Dialysis
    Artificial filtration of the blood secondary to kidney failure
  19. D & C
    Dilation and Curettage- Gynecological procedure where the cervix is dilated and the uterine lining Is scrapped with a curette (commonly performed with miscarriage)
  20. Endometrial Ablation
    Procedure to destroy (ablate) the endometrial lining of the uterus
  21. Hysterectomy
    Complete or partial removal of the uterus and adnexa
  22. LEEP
    Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure - procedure that removes abnormal tissue from the cervix
  23. Lithotripsy
    Therapy for renal stones using shock waves to break up the calculi
  24. Nephrectomy
    Removal of the kidney
  25. Oophorectomy
    Removal of the ovary
  26. Prostatectomy
    Complete or partial removal of the prostate
  27. Salpingectomy
    Removal of the fallopian tube
  28. Salpingo oophorectomy
    Removal of the fallopian tube and ovary
  29. Tubal Ligation
    Procedure in which the fallopian tubes are cut or blocked off, preventing pregnancy in women (referred to as “tubes tied”)
  30. TURP
    Transurethral Resection of the Prostate – removal of part of the prostate through the urethra, most often indicated for moderate to severe cases of BPH and or/ prostate cancer
  31. Ureteral Stent
    Appliance placed in the ureter to keep the vessel open and unobstructed
  32. Vasectomy
    Excision of a portion of the vas deferens; male sterilization
  33. AICD
    Automatic Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator – A device placed in the chest which monitors and if needed, stimulates or even “shocks” the heart when an abnormal rate/rhythm is detected
  34. Angioplasty
    Reconstitution or recanalization of a blood vessel by way of a balloon guided through an artery with a catheter
  35. Arterectomy
    Removal of a portion of an artery
  36. Bronchoscopy
    Examination of the tracheobronchial tubes using a bronchoscope
  37. CABG
    Coronary Artery Bypass Graft – procedure that re-routes blood flow to and from the heart by way of grafting an artery or vein around the diseased artery/vein
  38. Cardiac Ablation
    Destruction of abnormal heart tissue
  39. Cardiac Catheterization
    Procedure which inserts a catheter into a vessel (through the arm, neck or groin) into the heart for diagnostic purposes
  40. Cardiac Stent
    appliance inserted in the coronary artery to keep the vessel open
  41. Endarterectomy
    Removal of blood clots and/or plaque from an artery
  42. IVC Filter
    A device placed in the inferior vena cava often indicated for deep venous thrombi and pulmonary emboli; aka Greenfield filter
  43. Lobectomy
    Removal of a lobe of the lung
  44. Pacemaker
    An artificial device usually implanted in the chest which regulates heart rate/rhythm through electrical impulses (commonly for bradycardia)
  45. Peripheral Stent
    Appliance placed in a peripheral artery to keep the vessel open
  46. Phlebectomy
    Complete or partial removal of a vein
  47. PICC Line
    Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter – A form of intravenous access
  48. Pneumonectomy
    Removal of an entire lung
  49. Thoracotomy
    Procedure to examine the lungs by way of an incision into the pleural space of the chest
  50. Arthrocentesis
    Aspiration of fluid from a joint
  51. Arthroscopy
    Examination of the interior of a joint by way of an endoscope
  52. Craniectomy
    Removal of part of the skull
  53. Craniotomy
    Surgical opening of the skull
  54. Discectomy
    Removal of vertebral discs
  55. Kyphoplasty
    Procedure that injects a bone cement mixture into the bone of compromised vertebra
  56. Laminectomy
    Partial removal of the lamina from the spinal column
  57. Rhinoplasty
    Surgery of the nose
  58. Adenoidectomy
    Removal of the adenoids
  59. Lumpectomy
    Removal of a tumor or lump and surrounding tissue
  60. Lymphadenectomy
    Removal of a lymph node
  61. Mastectomy
    Removal of the breast
  62. Parathyroidectomy
    Complete or partial removal of the parathyroid
  63. Splenectomy
    Removal of the spleen
  64. Thyroidectomy
    Complete or partial removal of the thyroid
  65. Tonsillectomy
    Removal of the tonsils
  66. Biopsy
    Removal and examination of the tissue/cells for diagnostic purposes
  67. Debridement
    Removal of dead or infected tissue, and/or foreign bodies from a wound
  68. I & D
    Incision and drainage – procedure involving drainage of fluid through an incision
  69. LP
    Lumbar Puncture – procedure used to collect cerebral spinal fluid (commonly collected to test for disease/infectious process)
  70. Shunt
    Mechanical passage way that allows movement of fluid in the body
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