MCAT Ochem

  1. In a fischer projection, horizontal lines represent bonds______
    coming out of the page
  2. In a fischer projection, vertical lines represent bonds _____
    going into the page
  3. σ-bonds
    • form when bonding pair of electrons are localized directly between the two bonding atoms
    • Single bonds are σ bonds
  4. π-bonds
    • π-bonds can form additional bonds between two σ-bonded atoms
    • weaker than σ-bonds, but add to overall strength
    • lower stability, more reactive
  5. Bond rotation of σ-bonds and π-bonds
    • σ-bonds can rotate around the bonding axis
    • π-bonds lock the atoms into a spatial configuration, no rotation
  6. Determining orbital hybridization of an atom
    • -count # of σ-bonds
    • -count long pairs of electrons
    • -math # with superscript in a hybrid
  7. sp hybridization
    Bond angle and shape
    • 180°
    • Linear
  8. sp2 bond angle and shape
    • 120°
    • trigonal planar
  9. sp3 bond angle and shape
    • 90°, 120°
    • tetrahedral, pyramidal, or bent
  10. what is the bond angle of water?
  11. isomer
    same formula, but structurally different
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