NCLEX Test Taking Strategries

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  1. Ask yourself about priorities
    • *ABC - Airway, Breathing, Circulation
    • *Maslow Needs
    • *Assess the patient before taking action, When appropriate
    • *Have all info/take all actions before calling the doc.  In most cases this can be elimated first.
    • *which client to assess first (most at risk, most physicologically unstable)
  2. Common intentions include:
    • *Small, frequent feedings
    • *Recommended fluid intake: "3L/Day"
    • *Alternate rest with activity
    • *Conserve energy with any activity
  3. Teaching points
    • *Risk factors: known modifiable vs. nonmodifiable
    • *Prevention and wellness promotion
    • *New meds/Self-care instructions
    • *Client empowerment
    • *Anticipatory guidance
    • *Incorporating with the clients lifestyle, culture, spiritual beliefs, etc.
  4. A Few words about words:
    • *Healthcare provider: the person prescribing care (physician, nurse practitioner)
    • - Physician = doc
    • -Prescriptions = orders
    • *UAP
    • -pt. care tect
    • -CNA
    • - Nurse assistant
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